The Black Hoodie Files - Part One - Gia Milana 0
The Black Hoodie Files - Part One - Gia Milana 1
The Black Hoodie Files - Part One - Gia Milana 2

The supervillain known as "The Black Hoodie" is back, and he chronicles his latest exploits, distressing gorgeous damsels in the pursuit of his mysterious mission. As his journal begins, he's nabbed sexy secretary Gia Milana and he sends a classic video ransom demand to her boss. The bound beauty begs her boss to cooperate, fearful of the consequences if he defies her dark captor. Then the leggy babe (in white blouse, very short black skirt, tan pantyhose and strappy, open-toed platform heels) is cleavegagged and still securely tied to a chair. Poor Gia struggles against her bonds and whimpers through her gag, but she gets no mercy from the cruel villain. Before long the Black Hoodie opens up her blouse and exposes his luscious captive's voluminous breasts, and her legs are roped wide apart. This makes her tiny skirt ride up and allows for a completely unobstructed view of her pantyhose. Then the masked miscreant layers a detective gag over Gia's cleavegag, further muffling her plaintive moans. Will the supervillain ever set his sexy hostage free?