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When the furniture store delivers the wrong chair to Jolene Hexx, she goes ballistic on the poor POV delivery person. She only stops her tirade to ask what he's doing with that rope, but the gorgeous blonde finds out quickly enough. Her fussy attitude has earned her a rope-enforced time out in that chair she hates, and her incessant complaints and demands are silenced with a tight cleavegag. Now that the shrew has been tamed, her demeanor switches from haughty to terrified. But Jolene's captor isn't going to let her earlier meanness be forgiven very easily, and he's taking great pleasure in watching her squirm and beg. The poor damsel strains against the ropes holding her crossed wrists together, and her legs wide apart. She's helpless to stop him from exposing her perfect breasts and pulling down her denim shorts (ultimately removing them completely). Has Jolene finally learned her lesson about how she should treat store employees? Or will she need some more time to reflect on her bad attitude?