The Baron's Revenge! - Part Three - Chrissy Marie 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Three - Chrissy Marie 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Three - Chrissy Marie 2

Heiress Chrissy Marie's bizarre ordeal continues at the henchman's hand in an abandoned studio that had been used to shoot adult video. The distressed damsel is chair-tied and dressed up in thigh-high boots, a black cat-suit and a corset -- and there's a powerful vibrator roped between her thighs! Chrissy begs to be freed, as her father has already paid the ransom. But the wicked henchman informs his sexy captive that as part of the Baron's scheme, he wants to get more money by streaming Chrissy's predicament. She protests, but her objections are answered with a stuffed tape gag. The villain switches on the device as Chrissy's captive show begins. She pulls against her bonds and tries to resists the incessant drone of the vibrator, but she's completely trapped and before long she has no choice but to submit to a helpless orgasm. Then after she's spent, the henchman remarks that she looks so cute tied up to the chair, he's going to leave her like that overnight. Chrissy moans, but she knows she can't do anything to resist his perverted whims.