The Baron's Revenge! - Part One - Chrissy Marie 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part One - Chrissy Marie 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part One - Chrissy Marie 2

Not long ago, amateur detective Melody Marks escaped from the villain known as "The Baron." And now the Baron has begun a sinister plot for revenge. He's assigned his henchman to recoup the money from his failed scheme and set a trap for the unsuspecting Melody. As the story opens, the henchman is taking heiress Chrissy Marie from the back of his car. She wears a trench coat and a mask, and her ski-masked captor unties her ankles and leads her inside his hideout. Once inside, he removes the coat and we see the miniskirted damsel is securely bound from the waist up. The villain takes off her mask to reveal a tape gag. He peels it from her lips and takes out a large wad of stuffing from her mouth.

He brings her down to a mattress on the floor and begins frogtying her shapely legs (shown on-screen). It quickly becomes apparent that Chrissy had hired a specialty company to fulfill her roleplaying fantasy. But when he begins unbuttoning her white blouse to bare her breasts she uses her safe word, which the villain ignores. He tells her that even though she enlisted the company under an alias, he knows she's really a billionaire's daughter, and now she has the opportunity to live out her fantasy in real life -- whether she wants to or not! He makes a video of the duped heiress making an urgent plea to her father to comply with their demands. Then Chrissy is silenced with a layered gag: a ballgag held strictly in place with sticky medical tape. She energetically struggles on the mattress, and her tiny skirt rides up to expose her lacy black panties and thigh high stocking tops. But despite giving it her all, she can't escape from the unyielding ropes. And poor Chrissy only too aware her ordeal is just beginning!

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February 28, 2021 16:36 Rakesh ★★★★★ Hi, am a new subscriber. I love your bondage videos, especially I loved the way gag is concealed behind the mask and ropes behind the coat. Can you please add this type of kidnaps more, where ropes and gags are concealed behind some fancy mask, rain coat etc.,
February 28, 2021 16:37 Rakesh Also you can add a new tags like concealed bondage or hidden gag etc., to filter those type of videos effectively, thank you for your awesome work
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