Terra Trapped! - Alternate Camera Edit - Terra Mizu 0
Terra Trapped! - Alternate Camera Edit - Terra Mizu 1
Terra Trapped! - Alternate Camera Edit - Terra Mizu 2

Now you can enjoy this thrilling scene from a new perspective with the 2nd camera version! Sexy secretary Terra Mizu has been nabbed by a POV villain. She begs to be set free, but her captor has other plans for the busty beauty. Terra is bandana-gagged and tied had and foot in a classic position on the bed. Left alone, the miniskirted babe squirms against the ropes in a hopeless attempt to free herself. She stands up unsteadily in her high-heeled shoes and tries to hop away, but her escape attempt is cut short when she's caught! Ms. Mizu is then bound to the bed in a "seated-T" position, which shows off her shapely, pantyhose-clad legs. Her silky blouse is opened up, exposing her voluptuous breasts, and the captive damsel continues to struggle and moan, hoping for rescue. Then the Terra's legs are curled up and roped to her waist to limit her struggles even more. Poor Terra realizes she's completely helpless, and completely at the mercy of her mysterious captor. What does he have in store for her next?