Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Four - Savannah Sixx 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Four - Savannah Sixx 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Four - Savannah Sixx 2

Princess Savannah Sixx has been lured to a remote castle where she's been taken captive by strange creatures. The dark-haired beauty is re-dressed in her silky gown, gloves, heels and tiara, and she's cleavegagged and tied to a chair. The gorilla tells his royal prisoner that this is more acceptable, and he leaves the bound and gagged babe alone to squirm against her unrelenting restraints. As she struggles, the straps of her shiny gown fall down, revealing her luscious breasts. Before long the talking ape returns and informs his delectable captive that he's received a message to make Princess Savannah more uncomfortable, and he cruelly binds her elbows together. The furry villain is savoring her distress when Princess Savannah manages to work her cleavegag off and she calls him over to whisper in his ear. Whatever she tells him must be quite persuasive, because the perverted primate then begins to immediately start untying his beautiful prisoner.