Stop Alexis Taylor! - Part Four - Alexis Taylor 0
Stop Alexis Taylor! - Part Four - Alexis Taylor 1
Stop Alexis Taylor! - Part Four - Alexis Taylor 2

Reporter Alexis Taylor receives an anonymous tip regarding her missing sister, and so she crashes a costume party to get more information. Dressed up in a boots and a star-spangled dirndl, she's snooping around when she encounters a partygoer dressed as a gorilla. She quickly ascertains that it's no costume, and she tries to escape from the clutches of the damned dirty ape. The gorilla then uses a fiendish spray to paralyze his busty prey. Poor Alexis calls out for help, but no one comes to her aid and she's powerless to resist when the sinister simian returns with an ample supply of rope! Alexis is ballgagged and bound seated to a table with her legs tied wide apart, helpless to stop the randy primate when he exposes (and briefly fondles) her considerable breasts. Our plucky damsel tries her best to struggle free of her restraints, but she can't get loose. What will happen to her next? The story is followed by a brief preview of scenes from the pulse-pounding continuation the tale.