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Now this sensational feature is bargain priced! As the story opens, government agent Sarah Brooke has arranged a meeting with the mysterious enemy agent known only as "The Gray Man." She makes an offer of $3 million for him to release his numerous hostages, but his only answer is to grab the hapless agent. The taciturn villain restrains Sarah with handcuffs and ropes, and he silences her with a cleavegag (as well as relieving her of her glasses), all shown on-onscreen. He completes her failure by exposing her considerable breasts and leaving her to struggle alone as he concludes their meeting.

Meanwhile, super-lady Terra Mizu has located the secret lair of the sinister super-scientist Dr. Caesar Beringei. She doesn't find him, but is instead cornered and trapped by the masked villain known as "The Black Hoodie." The crimefighter is then ballgagged and tied up inside the mad doctor's radiation chamber. Her captor ultimately figures out how to use this nasty device, and he bombards her with a special radiation that will destroy her powers forever!

In a nearby suburb, Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) has disguised herself as one of the "women in black" to get closer to extraterrestrial royalty Phoebe Queen. The dark-haired beauty is handcuffed and tapegagged, and Octavia is about to put her plan into effect when she's confronted by an angry lizard-person, out for revenge. The Empress's captor has a mechanical spider wrap up and gag the aqua-haired lovely with an unusual device secured between her legs: This treacherous vibrator is designed to drain all of Octavia's life energy!

Then Sarah Brooke changes her into her super-lady alter ego as The Blue Nemesis to apprehend The Gray Man. But the enemy agent is prepared for her, and he uses an Upsilon Radiation emitter to subdue the masked crimebuster. The defeated champion of justice is frogtied, ballgagged and unmasked by the enemy agent, and he then uses a Hitachi vibrator to compel his gorgeous prisoner to orgasm again and again for his depraved amusement.

In Dr. Berengei's dungeon, The Black Hoodie has dressed Terra Mizu in a corset and lingerie, and bound her to a special chair. Despite her pleas, he tapegags the busty former super-lady, and then switches on a powerful vibrator and she soon surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

After escaping from the lizard-person's trap, Oceana thinks she can continue with her plan with the queen of the Phoebians. But the Empress is suddenly seized by the enraged Dr. Caesar Beringei! Furious after Oceana couldn't restore him to a human state, the mad doctor strips both Oceana and Phoebe naked and ties them to the bed. He leaves both ladies in a dire situation. Will they be able to escape in time?