Reya's Office Ordeal - Reya Fet 0
Reya's Office Ordeal - Reya Fet 1
Reya's Office Ordeal - Reya Fet 2

Sexy secretary Reya Fet is the victim of an office takeover robbery after hours, and her captor really puts this feisty damsel through her bondage paces! As Reya's captivity begins she's roped up into a secure classic tie and cleavegagged with a bandana. Left alone, she hops over to her desk in an energetic if futile attempt to find something to aid in her escape, or maybe call for help. Ms. Fet manages to get out of her high heels but not the ropes, and when the burglar returns he decides to have some fun with the bound office-babe. Reya is ballgagged and tied to a chair with a powerful vibrator strapped between her legs. The villain opens up her blouse and exposes her perfect, all natural breasts before switching on the Hitachi, and even though Reya tries to fight the irresistible hum of the Hitachi, it's not long before she surrenders to a helpless orgasm, much to his evil delight!