Pop Star Predicaments - Part Two - Rebecca Vanguard 0
Pop Star Predicaments - Part Two - Rebecca Vanguard 1
Pop Star Predicaments - Part Two - Rebecca Vanguard 2

Pop star Rebecca Vanguard is nabbed by a fan who thinks she's in love with him, and she's taken away to the basement of her unstable fan's mother. The leggy diva is dressed up in a sailor costume, stockings and heels (the wardrobe from one of her previous videos), and the deviant devotee locks a long chain onto her ankle. He then makes his unhinged explanation of why he's so sure the pop idol is truly in love with him. Rebeca nervously plays along, but becomes apprehensive when he tells her he has to condition her to reject the brainwashing from her those who would keep them apart. The pop star is then cleavegagged and bound into a frogtie with leather straps. She struggles and rolls around on the mattress, but she can't get away from this maniac. Then he removes her shoes and indulges in a fantasy by pulling her top up to bare her breasts. Her helplessness is made complete when he buckles on a final strap to crush the flexible celebrity's elbows together. But her loony fanatic isn't done with Rebecca yet!