Pop Star Predicaments - Part Four - Delilah Day 0
Pop Star Predicaments - Part Four - Delilah Day 1
Pop Star Predicaments - Part Four - Delilah Day 2

Pop star Delilah Day (in cut-off jean shorts, a tank top and strappy heels) is diligently practicing her dance moves during lunch on the set of her new music video when a stranger approaches her. He claims to be a 2nd assistant director, and he tells the leggy blonde that the director had a flash of inspiration, and Delilah must be tied up for the scenes to be shot that afternoon. Ms. Day is skeptical since everyone is still at lunch, but he convinces the unwary diva that it's a necessary time-saving move since they're running late. She reluctantly agrees, and the sultry singer is ballgagged and chair-tied. Once Delilah is completely powerless, the mysterious stranger reveals his true motives... and they're not based in reality! Delilah's fears are verified when she hears his unbalanced reasons for pulling up her top and baring her breasts. She quickly realizes he's a fan who's been taken in by all the internet conspiracy theories about her, and he believes he's going to save her! Left alone while he devises a plan to take her away, Delilah pulls and twists against her bonds, but the ropes hold fast and escape is out of the question. Ultimately he finds a large box to discreetly spirit the pop singer out of the studio and off to parts unknown.