Pop Star Predicaments - Part Five - Delilah Day 0
Pop Star Predicaments - Part Five - Delilah Day 1
Pop Star Predicaments - Part Five - Delilah Day 2

Pop singer Delilah Day has been grabbed by a fan who believes all the crazy internet conspiracy theories about her. The blonde idol has been taken away and she winds up in a house somewhere in the suburbs. As the scene opens, her deranged fan opens a storage bench to reveal the sexy pop star handcuffed inside. He spews more of the delusional internet theories and claims he's going to save her from these imaginary enemies. When we next see Delilah she's dressed up in a sexy school uniform, thigh high stockings and sneakers. She's been cleavegagged and tied down hands-over-head to a padded table. The poor pop idol has no choice but to listen to her fan's loony ramblings. She tries to slip out of the bindings, but she hardly has room to wiggle at all and she's stuck. Then her tormentor handcuffs her, removes her shoes and opens up her top to reveal her breasts, all for his own inscrutable reasons. The stocking-footed singer continues her futile efforts to get away, even though she knows she'll never escape his clutches by herself!