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This thrilling bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! When Nurse Lauren Kiley learns too much about the mysterious Dr. Kahn she's buckled in to a straitjacket, gagged with a padded bitgag and roped to a chair in a cross-legged position. The stocking-footed damsel pleads to the camera with gagtalk but remains unable to move or escape her strict, unyielding restraints.

Nurse Addie Juniper confronts Dr. Kahn about his identity, and she's silenced with a layered gag and roped in a classic tie in her scrubs, white socks and sneakers. She struggles to free herself, then the evil doctor returns to cut open her clothes and cut off her panties. Addie continues her escape attempt, and she's bound into a secure hogtie. But Dr. Kahn isn't done with her yet!

Nurse Addie Juniper has been taken by the evil Dr. Kahn to his secret hideaway. The feisty lady is strapped into a straitjacket, a harness ballgag is buckled on her head, her ankles are bound with a leather strap and attached to her jacket with legirons. Her sinister host presents the damsel with an uncertain fate, and our poor damsel is left to struggle against her inescapable bonds.

The paranoid Dr. Kahn believes his girlfriend Keisha Grey is onto him, so her takes her to a trendy boutique where she's wrapped in a straitjacket back in the stock room. Keisha thinks it's all just a kinky game, but she's gagged with microfoam tape, her legs are restrained with legirons and she's left alone to struggle. Soon the gorgeous brunette will learn the sinister truth about the boutique!

Nurse Cameron Dee stumbles onto the truth about her missing co-workers, and she's taken captive by Dr. Kahn! The beautiful blonde is completely secured in a straitjacket, bound into a frogtie with bandages and gagged with microfoam tape. She struggles and moans, so the villain uses cloth strips to further restrain his gorgeous prisoner.

Detective Sofie Marie is assigned to investigate the rash of disappearances at the hospital, and Dr. Kahn lures the pretty cop-lady to his private office with the promise of information about the case. Next, the busty brunette has a ballgag strapped deep in her mouth and she's helplessly suspended in a straitjacket. She struggles in vain while the villain makes a clean getaway.

Arielle Anderssen portrays the 1920s era reporter "Scoops Anderssen, The Jazz-Age Newshound." As the story begins the statuesque blonde goes undercover as a flapper to investigate a story. But she's caught snooping by the villains and she's tied hands over head in a reclining position and cleavegagged. Our intrepid journalist gets loose and tries to hop away, but she's recaptured by the bad guys.

As the story of "Scoops Anderssen - The Jazz-Age Newshound" continues, Ariel Anderssen remains the prisoner of evil men. The blonde beauty is stripped naked, tied in a face-down spreadeagle on a bed and muffled with a cleavegag with tape. Before long, one leg is bent and tied in place to further humiliate the gorgeous reporter. Will our damsel be rescued in time?