Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 3 - Ashley Lane 0
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 3 - Ashley Lane 1
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 3 - Ashley Lane 2

Here's the 2nd camera version of this exciting bondage adventure! Officer Ashley Jefferson (Ashley Lane) has been taken hostage by masked criminals when she tried to stop their robbery, and she's being held captive at their hideout. But the thugs plan to take her with them as insurance for their next robbery. The bound and cleavegagged policewoman is hustled back out to the SUV and roped into a hogtie in the back of the vehicle. She tries her best to get loose in the confined space, but all her struggles only make her skirt ride up and expose her pantyhose. Then one of the crooks returns to open up her blouse again for another lascivious look at officer Ashley's luscious breasts. The captive policewoman continues her futile struggles as the criminals take her along to their next daring heist.

Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 2 - Ashley Lane  0
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 2 - Ashley Lane  1
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part 2 - Ashley Lane  2

Here's the 2nd camera version of this exciting bondage adventure! Policewoman Ashley Jefferson (Ashley Lane) has been taken captive by robbers and has been spirited to the criminals' hideout.Ashley is cleavegagged and inescapably chairtied by her captors, and they tell her they're still trying to decide her fate. Left alone, the blonde beauty struggles and frets, but the knots all hold tight. Before long one of her depraved captors returns to humiliate the helpless law-enforcement agent by unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her perfect breasts. The gorgeous captive continues her efforts to free herself, but she just can't get away. Then one of the criminals informs Ashley that they're going to take her along as insurance for their next robbery!

Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Ashley Lane 0
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Ashley Lane 1
Policewoman In Distress - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Ashley Lane 2

Here's the 2nd camera version of this exciting bondage adventure! As our story opens, policewoman Ashley Jefferson (Ashley Lane, in uniform and heels) responds to a silent alarm at a private company. There's no time to wait for backup, so she enters and sees a criminal emptying the safe. Ashley commands him to freeze, unaware his accomplice is sneaking up behind her. He gets the drop on the stunning officer, and the masked duo take her captive. Officer Ashley is marched to their SUV where she's locked up with her own handcuffs (shown on-screen) in the back, and when we next see her she's bound with zip-ties and electrical tape. When she protests too much she's cleavegagged, and she struggles against her bonds while one of the hoodlums ransacks and then hides her police cruiser. The thugs then drive away with their precious hostage, and then poor Ashley, still bound and gagged, is carried over the shoulder of one of the crooks and into their hideout.

Bunnyrella - Space Adventuress - Bunny Colby 0
Bunnyrella - Space Adventuress - Bunny Colby 1
Bunnyrella - Space Adventuress - Bunny Colby 2

The thrilling adventures of our silver-suited space-babe continue! After narrowly escaping being eaten by a space worm, Bunnyrella (Bunny Colby) continues her mission to track down the elusive (and dangerous) Burma Burma, unaware she's being stalked by a ruthless bounty hunter! The busty beauty is confronted by the terrifying lizard man, and he uses a strange beam to paralyze his prey. Poor Bunnyrella is frozen, completely powerless to fight back or escape!

Then Bunnyrella is securely bound to a chair, and the bounty hunter informs her he's been hired by the gangster Durext Durext. He wants revenge for what Bunnyrella did to his organization, and it looks like he's going to get it! The monster silences his stunning captive with a metal ballgag, and she helplessly moans and squirms against the ropes as he prepares for their departure. Before long the evil lizard man returns to taunt his luscious prize, and he opens opens up Bunnyrella's space suit to expose her voluptuous breasts. Then as the final step, her captor completes her defeat by adding a blindfold. Now she's completely in his power -- will she ever be able to prevail?

Action Lady Returns - The Complete Video 0
Action Lady Returns - The Complete Video 1
Action Lady Returns - The Complete Video 2

This sensational video is now bargain priced! As this story from the American Damsels Network begins, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is working undercover at a research lab when Octavia (Loren Chance) bursts in to steal some advanced technology. But the villainess recognizes the bound and gagged secretary as her archenemy, and Carissa is thoroughly roped up and her huge breasts are exposed. Before Octavia makes her escape, she leaves the blonde beauty in big trouble.

Later, Action Lady has infiltrated the villainess's fortress by the sea. She's overpowered by Octavia, who ballgags and mummifies the gorgeous adventuress in a sinister wrap of her own creation. Once the evil woman learns of Action Lady's real reason for being there she makes her escape, leaving the busty blonde to an uncertain fate.
After a narrow escape, Action Lady tracks Octavia to her new lair. Our busty protagonist overpowers a guard to steal her uniform, but Octavia sees through the disguise and takes her captive. Then a rival villain enters unexpectedly and nabs Octavia. Both ladies are bound and gagged, with powerful vibrators secured to their thighs to enhance their humiliating defeat.

The story is followed by a collection of deleted scenes from the 1950s sitcom parody "Always In Trouble." In these segments, we get to see other victims of "The Phantom Burglar" from a previous episode. Sexy damsel Ginger Sparks has been stripped down to her girdle and retro lingerie and thoroughly chairtied by a mysterious villain. When the redhaired cutie begs to be let go she's promptly ballgagged. Poor Ginger is left alone to struggle, but soon her captor returns to expose her perky, all natural breasts. What will become of this poor, helpless captive?

Next, gorgeous Chrissy Daniels is getting ready to go out dancing when she's confronted by the phantom burglar who's been terrorizing the neighborhood. The curvy redhead is cleavegagged and tied to a stool while the villain robs her. But he soon returns and layers a detective gag over her cleavegag and hikes up her skirt to expose her stocking tops and garters. Poor Chrissy struggles and moans in a futile effort to free herself... But our damsel's ordeal isn't over yet!

As her captivity continues, the gorgeous redhead is stripped down, tied up and a powerful vibrator is placed in her hands. The damsel protests: she's heard of these things, but insists that a good girl like her would never use such a depraved device. The villain tapegags his luscious hostage and the vibrator is switched on. Soon Chrissy is compelled to have a series of humiliating orgasms while her captor watches.

Then beautician Niki Lee Young encounters the Phantom Burglar who's been terrorizing the neighborhood. However, unlike the burglar's other victims, the gorgeous hairdresser seems excited to encounter the mysterious criminal. Niki is tied up in a classic position and silenced with a "detective gag." She struggles, squirms and moans, and when she tries to hop away, she's caught! Our sweet damsel's pink uniform is ripped open and her skirt is hiked up for a peek at her panties, stocking tops and garters. What else does the Phantom Burglar have planned for his not-so-distressed hostage?

The video concludes with the complete scene from the Action Lady story: one of Octavia's guards, all-natural babe Izzy Champayne is overpowered, stripped down to her panties and left to struggle bound, bandana-gagged and locked away in a closet when Action Lady steals her uniform. She squirms and moans, but she remains helpless until someone finally discovers the helpless guard.

Sailor Bunny-Bun In Bondage - Lauren Phillips 0
Sailor Bunny-Bun In Bondage - Lauren Phillips 1
Sailor Bunny-Bun In Bondage - Lauren Phillips 2

Adorable superlady Sailor Bunny-Bun (Lauren Phillips) has finally tracked down her nemesis, Evil Fox. She cautiously enters his hide-out, but he's nowhere to be seen. She does, however, find an innocent-looking Easter egg. She comments that she likes eggs, but when she opens it up, Sailor Bunny-Bun realizes too late that it's a trap! In an instant, she's overcome, and the next thing she knows, the brave champion of good is bound hand and foot, and she's ballgagged. She struggles and squirms against her bonds, but she can't budge the knots an inch! Before long her mysterious host appears, and Evil Fox hogties his luscious captive and exposes her voluminous breasts. Then to complete her humiliating defeat, Sailor Bunny-Bun is tapegagged and bound to the bed in a crossed-ankle tie, with a powerful vibrator placed against her nethers. The device is brought to life, and even though she tries to resist it's seductive hum, she ultimately succumbs to a helpless orgasm. What else does Evil Fox have in store for his busty captive next?

True Bondage Tales Episode 3 - The Babysitter - Gia Derza 0
True Bondage Tales Episode 3 - The Babysitter - Gia Derza 1
True Bondage Tales Episode 3 - The Babysitter - Gia Derza 2

In this story based on actual events, Gia Derza portrays a future fetish model who really, really likes getting tied up. As her tale begins, this babysitter has brought her own ropes to the job, and she instructs her charges on how to tie her up. But that's not all. When they threaten to gag her, she tells them how she'd like that done, too. And once Gia is silenced with a stuffed cleavegag and completely helpless, they ignore her signal to be set free and her angry gag-talk, and they go about their merry way, leaving her behind.

The bound-up babysitter struggles against her ropes, but apparently she did too good a job tutoring her captors. So Gia gets up and hops out to the kitchen to look for something to cut herself free. Before she can find anything that'll get her loose, she's discovered by her charges' creepy uncle. He tells her word has been going around the neighborhood about her unusual behavior on the job, and she can't stop him as he pulls up her top to expose her luscious breasts. He promises to keep this incident quiet if she plays along with him, and she has no choice but to comply.

When we next see Gia she's dressed up in lacy lingerie, frogtied and ballgagged on the bed with a powerful vibrator secured between her thighs. Gia's new captor activates the device, and it's not long until the kinky babysitter succumbs to helpless orgasm for his depraved amusement. But is this what Gia was secretly hoping for all along?

The Damsel Network - The Complete Video 0
The Damsel Network - The Complete Video 1
The Damsel Network - The Complete Video 2

The complete video is now bargain priced! Sexy Mary Jane Green is your tied-up hostess as she introduces sneak previews of the fantasy "Damsel Network." She begins with three scenes from "Amazing Superlady Stories." Anna Nolan (AKA Anna Lee) portrays the pointy-eared champion of justice The Silver Nemesis. But the spandex-clad crimebuster is taken by surprise and overpowered by the Pink Menace. Soon, our brave damsel is helpless, securely roped to a chair and cleavegagged with a bandana. Will she be able to triumph?

In the next segment of "Amazing Superlady Stories" The Purple Nemesis (Niki Lee Young) takes on Dr. Dubious. The masked crusader is taken captive by her archenemy, and he unmasks the gorgeous blonde. The helpless superbabe is bound and ballgagged, and then progressively hogtied, harness gagged and exposed by the depraved villain.

Bound hostess Mary Jane Green tells us that in the next segment of "Amazing Superlady Stories" the focus goes to the bad guys. Sexy villainess The Red Minx (Chrissy Daniels) runs afoul of her rival in crime, The Reaper. The dark villain takes advantage of her helplessness and removes her mask. Once he learns The Red Minx's true identity he decides to hold her for ransom. The naughty spandex-clad babe is silenced with a harness gag and her luscious, all natural breasts are bared.

Next our bound hostess Mary Jane Green presents a segment from the "Action Nurses" adventure series. Team member Ashley Renee thinks she's rescuing scantily-clad hostage Kristal Summers. But once the gorgeous blonde is freed, she overpowers Ashley so she can steal her uniform. Yet before Kristal can proceed with her scheme, she's grabbed by a henchman who thinks she really is one of the Action Nurses. Both ladies are securely chair-tied and cleavegagged, struggling helplessly to try to be the first one to free herself.

Next up, hostess Mary Jane green introduces two segments from the "Go Hostagettes!" series. Cheerleaders Randy Moore and Candle Boxxx have been taken captive by the coach from a rival college, and it's a pun-filled affair. After the busty duo endure some grueling pun-ishment, they're ballgagged, exposed and put on display for the depraved amusement of the alumni.

In a bonus episode of "Go Hostagettes!" private eye Laura Lee guest stars. The gorgeous detective is caught snooping by the Coach, and he wants to know what she was looking for and who hired her. But the feisty damsel refuses to cooperate, and so she's ballgagged and frogtied hands-over-head. Her enormous breasts are bared, and she struggles in vain to escape a horrible fate!

In "Miss Shay's Daring Wild West Adventures," the titular adventuress (Kristal Shay) finds "Trouble at the Lazy S Ranch" when she runs across her old enemy, Coyote Fred. The mean ol' sidewinder ropes up the pretty blonde and gags her with a bandana. The booted cutie helplessly struggles to free herself, and the ruthless outlaw takes advantage of her situation and exposes her perky, all natural breasts. Will Miss Shay be able to save both herself and the Lazy S Ranch?

Damsel Network hostess Mary Jane Green concludes her hostess duties and takes her turn as a damsel. The gorgeous brunette is ballgagged and roped into a classic position on the sofa. The leggy beauty struggles and slips out of her high heels, and her skirt rides up so we can get a nice peek at her pantyhose. Soon her little black dress is pulled down and her perky breasts are exposed.

Policewoman In Distress - Part Six - Melody Marks 0
Policewoman In Distress - Part Six - Melody Marks 1
Policewoman In Distress - Part Six - Melody Marks 2

As "Spring Break Bondage" continues, college student Melody Marks has been taken captive and she's spirited to a remote house where she's dressed up in a bunny outfit, black stockings, gloves and heels... and she's handcuffed and her knees and ankles are tied. When her captor enters, she recognizes him as the coach from the community college. She begs him to let her go, but instead he ballgags the adorable bound bunny. The Coach the informs his sweet captive that she'll have the opportunity to earn her freedom. He asks Melody to look at the Easter eggs placed around the room, and he tells her the keys to her handcuffs are hidden in one of them. If she can find the key and unlock her cuffs within the time limit, he'll let her go. The handcuffed cutie hops around the room (eventually losing her heels in the process) and opens each egg until she finally locates the one with the key. But she can't get the cuffs unlocked, and the Coach returns and tells her it wasn't the right key anyway. But he lets Melody know she's passed the first part of the test to be in the big Easter show. Next Ms. Marks is chairtied while preparations are made for the final part of her audition. Before long Melody's top is pulled down to reveal her ample breasts, and her elbows are tightly bound together. The helpless bunny whimpers and struggles against her bonds, but she knows escape is impossible.

Then Melody is dressed up in a pink bunny costume and white open-toed heels. The sexy captive is cleavegagged with a pink bandana and she's tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position, a powerful vibrator secured against her most intimate area. The evil Coach assures Melody that if she does well with this test she'll be in the Easter show, and he activates the Hitachi. The bound and gagged babe tries her best to resist the relentless hum of the device, but she loses control and surrenders to three shuddering, squealing orgasms. She's earned her place in the show, but what will happen to Melody next?

Policewoman In Distress - Part Five - Melody Marks 0
Policewoman In Distress - Part Five - Melody Marks 1
Policewoman In Distress - Part Five - Melody Marks 2

As "Spring Break Bondage" begins, hitchhiking college student Melody Marks (in cut-off jeans shorts, camisole top, knee-high socks and sneakers) thinks she's on her way to a week of fun and beach parties. But she gets into the wrong car and ends up bound hand and foot and gagged with duct tape. The gorgeous blonde makes muffled pleas to her captors and tries to slip out of the ropes, but it's apparent that she's not going anywhere anytime soon. The all natural beauty is then roped standing hands-over-head against the back of the car and compelled to participate in a humiliating wet T-shirt contest. A spray of cold water on the white fabric makes the blouse cling to Melody's erect nipples, and soon her top is cut open and her shorts are pulled down to expose all of the captive lady's feminine charms. But Melody's nightmare is just getting started!