Captivating Fantasies - Part Three - Leah Lee 0
Captivating Fantasies - Part Three - Leah Lee 1
Captivating Fantasies - Part Three - Leah Lee 2

Leah Lee returns in the next segment, starring in "The Hazards of Leah." The barefoot babe is bound hand and foot (and knees) on the bed and she advises her captors to let her go or there'll be trouble. But the bad guys pay no attention to the country cutie's warning and the leggy lady is ballgagged. Left alone, Leah struggles to free herself. Her abbreviated blouse opens to reveals her luscious breasts, and her super-short denim skirt rides up to give a titillating look at her outstanding backside. But the bad guys disapprove of Ms. Lee's shenanigans, and they hogtie her. The feisty damsel continues the squirm, and eventally her miniskirt is pulled down, allowing a perfect view of her lacy panties. But Leah is undaunted and continues her bid for freedom, so the villains tightly bind her elbows together and pull down her panties. Poor Leah is now completely helpless and at their mercy!

Captivating Fantasies - Part Two - Lily Glee 0
Captivating Fantasies - Part Two - Lily Glee 1
Captivating Fantasies - Part Two - Lily Glee 2

As this collection of bondage scenes continues, Lily Glee stars in a deleted scene from the recent feature "Bride-Napped!" In this fantasy sequence, the slender beauty has been dressed up in lacy lingerie, thigh-high stockings and high heels. She's bound into a seated frogtie with her hands up, and she's silenced with a pink duct tape gag that compliments her lingerie. The luckless maid of honor also has a vibrator roped between her thighs. The villain lets his sweet captive struggle a moment and ponder her predicament. Then Lily's perky breasts are exposed and the device is brought to life. The long-haired lovely tries her best to escape the ropes, escape her humiliating situation and escape the persistent drone of the vibrator. She struggles and moans, but Ms. Glee realizes her fight is hopeless and she has no choice but to ultimately surrender to the irresistable one-note song of the Hitachi and a helpless orgasm. And she realizes this is how she'll remain until she's rescued.

Captivating Fantasies - Part One - Leah Lee 0
Captivating Fantasies - Part One - Leah Lee 1
Captivating Fantasies - Part One - Leah Lee 2

This delightful collection of bondage scenes begins with "My Bondage Office - The Temp" (a bonus chapter from the earlier feature). Sexy secretary Leah Lee plays the titular character, and she's caught by the POV executive as she's slacking off on the phone, claiming that the temp job is so easy she could do it with both hands tied behind her back. In his ensuing fantasy, Leah gets the opportunity to prove her claim, and she's cleavegagged with a bandana and tied to her desk chair. The leggy beauty begs him to free her, but she's left to helplessly struggle against her restraints. She rolls her office chair over to see if there's anything in the desk she can use to free herself, but her efforts are all in vain. Then the executive imagines that Leah's blouse is unbuttoned, allowing for an unobstructed view of her perfect breasts, and her short skirt is pulled up, showing off her pantyhose and lacy panties.

The Adventures of Miss Boxworthy - The Complete Video 0
The Adventures of Miss Boxworthy - The Complete Video 1
The Adventures of Miss Boxworthy - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage-filled fantasy is now bargain priced! As this steampunk-inspired story begins, the titular damsel (Candle Boxxx) is lured to a strange location with the promise of thrilling intrigue. She's then delighted to be taken captive by a scruffy villain, who binds and gags the flighty heiress (all shown onscreen). Miss Boxworthy gets into the moment and struggles, then she's led away by her captor.

When we next see our damsel, she's being held in a small cage by her captor while they wait for the ransom to be delivered. To help pass the time, she convinces the villain to tie her up and gag her so she can pratice her escape artistry. He indulges her, and soon Miss Boxworthy is thoroughly bound up and silenced with a stuffed cleavegag. The scoundrel then leaves his helpless hostage alone to struggle while he goes to collect the money.

As the adventure continues, Miss Boxworthy's step-father asks Lady Fox (Aidra Fox) to deliver the money for his step-daughter's safe return. The villain Bike is quite surprised to encounter his foe, and he takes quickly her captive. Lady Fox is cleavegagged and tied kneeling with her hands overhead. Her captor has also fitted her with the "leather orgasm belt." Soon the device is activated, and before long the gorgeous brunette succumbs to a helpless orgasm.

Miss Kendall Boxworthy (Candle Boxxx) is still trying to free herself when she's unexpectedly grabbed by the sinister Dr. Caesar Beringei. The mad scientist has wicked plans for our damsel, and she's strapped down to a table, ballgagged with a vibrator buckled to her thigh. The device is switched on, and the heiress almost transforms before she surrenders to a helpless, squirting orgasm. The horrible experiment is nearly a success when it's brought to an abrupt halt with the emergence of a sinister new player in the story.

Miss Boxworthy has unexpectedly fallen into the clutches of Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III! The criminal mastermind steals a family heirloom from her from his own nefarious purposes, then leaves the busty beauty cleavegagged and suspended over a smoking vat of something horrible. The helpless damsel squirms athletically to free herself, but all her efforts are for naught! Will Miss Boxworthy be able to escape this dire fate, or will her adventures come to a cataclysmic end?

The story is followed by "Pin-Up In A Haunted House." As the tale begins, the titular damsel (Jayden Cole) is snooping around in a hidden room when she's suddenly grabbed hand-over-mouth and pulled into a closet by a spooky villain. The statuesque redhead is next seen detective-gagged and securely bound to a chair. Her masked captor re-emerges to expose her perfect, all natural breasts. Despite her struggles, poor Jayden remains a helpless prisoner.

Her ordeal continues with leggy, lingerie-clad babe ballgagged, bound into a "classic position" and struggling in the dungeon. Soon the stocking-footed beauty is roped into a very secure hogtie. The gorgeous redhead moans, drools and squirms in a futile attempt to free herself.

In the conclusion of "Pin-Up In A Haunted House," stunning redhead Jayden Cole is tapegagged, tied to the bed spreadeagled in her lingerie, gloves, stockings and heels with a vibrator roped in place to insure an exciting climax to her story. The leggy beauty tries in vain to resist the relentless hum of the device, but ultimately she surrenders to an unavoidable orgasm.

Captive Of The Gray Man - The Complete Video 0
Captive Of The Gray Man - The Complete Video 1
Captive Of The Gray Man - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage-filled fantasy is now bargain priced! Some months ago during a covert operation, Agent Hannah Perez witnessed the apparent ending of the mysterious and dangerous enemy agent known only as "The Gray Man." Now Agent Perez is working undercover in an office, following a lead on the elusive "Wotzop Document." She's working late on the case when she's quite surprised to find herself face-to-face with the very-much-alive Gray Man. The gorgeous brunette is ballgagged and thoroughly bound to her office-chair (all shown completely on-screen). The silent menace also uses a pair of scissors to cut open Hannah's blouse and expose her ample breasts. Before he leaves his lovely captive alone to helplessly struggle, the cruel agent tauntingly leaves the scissors just beyond Hannah's reach.

As the story continues, Agent Hannah Perez is napping when The Gray Man finds her again. He handgags her, then reaches under her silky nightgown and uses her own panties to gag his frightened hostess. The masked villain then binds Hannah into a snug classic position (including a toe-tie) and she's tethered down to her bed (all shown on-screen). But our luscious captive's ordeal is just getting started.

Agent Perez is still being held captive in her own apartment. Her depraved captor compels Hannah to change into some lacy bra and panties, and he gags her with microfoam tape. The busty agent is then bound into a strict hogtie (all shown on-screen), and she squirms and struggles in vain while the dangerous agent ransacks Hannah's apartment.

As the adventure concludes, Agent Hannah Perez is still being held hogtied and tapegagged by the elusive enemy agent. The masked villain finds her vibrator, and he ties it onto her for his own depraved amusement. He turns on the device, and soon Hannah succumbs to a series of unstoppable orgasms. Then The Gray Man leaves a pair of scissors tantalizingly out of her reach and makes his exit. Will he return to further torment his helpless captive?

In "The Accidental Captive," Niki Lee Young has an appointment at the clinic, and she's waiting for her doctor when the building is taken over by masked robbers. One of the criminals finds Niki, and he compels the flawless blonde to strip naked. He makes her stuff a cloth into her mouth, and he cleavegags her with a bandana. The thug then ties his naked hostage down to a massage table. Once he's seen her naked, he recognized her as adult star as Niki Lee Young. When the invaders have completed their crime, the ski-masked thug tells Niki he's taking her along with him.

In the conclusion of "The Accidental Captive," Niki Lee Young as been spirited away. The ski-masked villain takes her back to his home, and he makes her put on some lacy lingerie. He ballgags her and binds his sexy captive into a frogtie on the bad (shown on-screen), including tying a powerful vibrator in her hands. Poor Niki must then use the vibrator to bring herself to a helpless orgasm or face the wrath of her heartless captor. If she complies with his wishes, will he finally set her free?

That Lady in Rope - The Complete Video 0
That Lady in Rope - The Complete Video 1
That Lady in Rope - The Complete Video 2

Carissa Montgomery is one of the genuine superstars of bondage today. Fans of this gorgeous blonde won't want to miss this engaging interview with her, accented with some of her favorite bondage situations. After the initial interview segment, Carissa portrays a classic secretary in bondage. The busty beauty begins tied in a classic seated position (wearing glasses), and ends up thoroughly hogtied on her desk with her enormous breasts exposed.

As Carissa Montgomery's interview continues, she talks about some of her favorites for bondage. The next scene reflects her preferences, and the busty superstar is naked and wearing high heels, hogtied and cleavegagged on the bed. Ashley Renee steps in and takes a moment to fondle and caress the helpless beauty. Then Carissa is blindfolded and struggling, reveling in her sensual captivity.

Bondage superstar Carissa Montgomery continues her tied-up interview with two more delightful segments. Between the interview clips, we get to see the gorgeous blonde dressed up in a sailor costume and heels, frogtied and cleavegagged on the bed. Soon an over-the-nose "bandit gag" is added, her enormous breasts are exposed and a powerful vibrator is roped between her thighs. The busty beauty is then unable to stop herself from experiencing an earth-shaking, helpless orgasm.

The interview is followed by "Bound To Come" -- a collection of helpless damsels tied, gagged and compelled to orgasm. Vivie Delmonico (AKA Angelica Saige) begins this sexy series. The statuesque beauty is tapegagged and tied to a pole in her sexy bra, panties and high heels. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist, and the long-legged babe struggles, moans and ultimately surrenders to the powerful vibrator's irresistible one-note song.

Then Scarlett Wild is buckled into a straitjacket, silenced with a layered cleavegag and tape, and she's secured to a chair with rope, holding her in a seated frogtie position. The immobilized redhead is then powerless to escape or resist the vibrator attached to her thigh, the head pressed snug against the crotch-strap of the straitjacket.

Next, Ashley Rose experiences her very first bondage orgasm. The statuesque blonde is frogtied and silenced with microfoam tape. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist and the Hitachi is strapped in and ready to give the helpless beauty her maiden voyage in restrained orgasms.

In the next segment of "Bound To Come," Chrissy Daniels portrays a lady sheriff who's in big trouble. The all-natural beauty is handcuffed to a chair, tapegagged and her legs are tied wide apart. The leather orgasm belt is attached to her waist, and it soon lives up to its name. The curvy redhead struggles to evade the powerful vibration, but soon surrender to a helpless orgasm.

The "Bound To Come" series concludes with a unique contest. Ginger Sparks and Vivie Delmonico (Angelica Saige) are tapegagged and cuffed down to the bed. Each lady holds a small bucket containing change, and each one has a vibrator tied to her thigh -- with the head resting on the crotch of the other. They're informed that they're going to have an orgasm contest. When one gets to the point where she can't take it any more, she drops her bucket and her rival wins a $100 bonus. Which lady will be able to claim the prize?

Bedbound Damsels - The Complete Video 0
Bedbound Damsels - The Complete Video 1
Bedbound Damsels - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage-packed feature is now bargain priced! In the opening two-part scene barefoot bikini babe Krystal Shay is scarfgagged and tied in a classic position on the bed. She struggles and squirms, and soon her all natural breasts are exposed and she's hogtied. Then we get a brief look at redhead Scarlett Wild, tapegagged and very strictly hogtied dressed only in her sundress. She struggles wildly, and her dress rides up.

Then Flawless beauty Niki Lee Young (in high heels and sheer lacy pink lingerie) is silenced with a knotted cleavegag and roped up in a variety of positions on the bed, ending up barefoot, frogtied and struggling.

Gorgeous Arielle Lane is tied down to the bed with her hands crossed overhead, dressed in lacy bra and panties, garters, stockings and heels. She's silenced with a layered detective gag with a ballgag strapped over it. Soon her bra and shoes are removed, the sexy brunette is tied spreadeagle and energetically struggling in vain to escape.

All natural cutie Dakota Charms is bound hand and foot in her high heels and lacy lingerie. She begs to be let go, but she's scarfgagged instead. When she tries to hop away she's caught, and she's frogtied. She struggles wildly, but remains a helpless captive, and soon her pert breasts are exposed.

Dressed up in bra, panties, stockings and high heels, gorgeous Vivie Delmonico (AKA Angelica Saige) is ballgagged and secured to the bed with her long, shapely legs tied open. Soon the statuesque beauty's legs are drawn up and bound to the headboard, and then she's tied into a strict back-arching, bed-anchored hogtie.

Aqua-haired hottie Loren Chance is dressed up in cut-off denim shorts and an authentic prison T-shirt. The warden's favorite is barefoot, bound in a strict elbows-together frogtie and tapegagged. Soon her perky, all natural breasts are revealed, then her toes are tied, pulled back and attached to her elbow ropes.

As "Bound To Come Again" begins, slender lingerie-clad cutie Constance is tapegagged and stringently bound in an elbows-together lotus-tie. A powerful vibrator is secured in place, and soon it's switched on, making her experience a helpless orgasm.

Then as "Bound To Come Again" continues, busty babe Kiki D'Aire thinks she's been hired for a glamour shoot, and she's dressed up in classic lingerie, stockings and high heels. So the curvy beauty is quite surprised when she's bound in a classic position and cleavegagged. Then she's secured in a frogtie and silenced with a layered gag, the "bondage orgasm belt" is buckled on her and she can't help but have a shuddering orgasm after the Hitachi is activated.

For the final scene of "Bound To Come Again," Dakota Charms (in miniskirt, shiny blouse and high heels) is bandana-gagged and bound with a lot of rope in a lotus position. Soon her captor places a powerful vibrator in her bound hands and compels the brunette babe to bring herself to orgasm, and she has no choice but to comply.

Self-Bondage Prisoner - The Complete Feature 0
Self-Bondage Prisoner - The Complete Feature 1
Self-Bondage Prisoner - The Complete Feature 2

This thrilling video is now bargain priced! Sexy secretary Keisha Grey is alone and working late in the office when she decides to indulge in a self-bondage fantasy. She places a handcuff key frozen in ice before her and narrates her fantasy as she locks on legirons and handcuffs. Keisha then gags herself with a strip of duct tape before grabbing a vibrator and enjoying a restrained orgasm. But before the ice melts, a burglar enters and discovers her in this humiliating predicament!


The busty brunette is been taken captive by a burglar who found her alone in the office (and indulging in a self-bondage vibrator session). The ski-masked villain ropes up the curvy cutie, and despite her pleading he thoroughly gags her with several strips of duct tape. He hogties his captive and she helplessly struggles while he ransacks the office. He bares her ample, all natural breasts and then tells her he's going to bring the bondage-loving secretary along with him when he makes his getaway.

Next the barefoot babe is dressed in lingerie and post-tied legs apart in a hands over head position. Despite her protests, the villain cleavegags his pretty prisoner and watches her squirm. Soon he cuts away her lingerie to expose her ample breasts and snips off her panties, then adds more rope to secure Keisha to her post. This isn't what this bondage-loving lady was hoping for... or is it?

As "Wicked Whitney Returns" begins, super-lady Mia Vallis has been captured by the villainess Whitney Morgan. The Green Nemesis has been cleavegagged and suspended above Whitney's bed, where our damsel is helpless to resist the sexually charged taunting by her sultry captor. What does the depraved woman have planned for her trussed up captive?

As the story continues, The Green Nemesis (Mia Vallis) still in the clutches of evil Whitney Morgan. Mia has been dressed up in lingerie, ballgagged and tied down to the bed with her legs frogtied. Whitney ballgags herself, then uses two vibrators to bring both the helpless captive and herself to orgasm. Can our damsel ever escape from the evil blonde?

The video concludes with the steampunk-inspired scene "The Capture of Lady Fox." Gorgeous Aidra Fox portrays the titular damsel. International adventuress Lady Fox has been taken captive by dangerous foreign agents who hope to extract vital information from her. The busty brunette is tapegagged and tied down to the bed in a spreadeagle position in her corset, panties, gloves, stockings and boots. Soon more rope is added, and our damsel's nipples peek out over her corset as she helplessly struggles against the ropes. Will Lady Fox give in to her captors, or will she be rescued?

Bride-Napped! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Savannah Sixx 0
Bride-Napped! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Savannah Sixx 1
Bride-Napped! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Savannah Sixx 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy this thrilling story from a fresh angle with the 2nd camera version! In the conclusion of this fantasy, Savannah Sixx's bridal gown has been removed and she's stripped down to some lingerie, stockings and heels that expose all of the bride's feminine charms. The busty babe is tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position, and she makes a final plea to her ruthless captor. But he assures her that her groom has paid her ransom and that everything is going to be fine. He presses a strip of 3" microfoam tape over Savannah's lips and chin (shown on-screen), and he assures her he'll let the authorities know her location once he's safely made his getaway. The villain escapes but the helpless bride does not! Poor Savannah struggles to extricate herself from this knotty situation so she can hold onto some dignity before they come to her rescue. But despite her struggles she's still naked and helpless when she hears the approaching sirens of the police. Little did she suspect the bonds of matrimony would be so restrictive!

Bride-Napped! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Savannah Sixx 0
Bride-Napped! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Savannah Sixx 1
Bride-Napped! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Savannah Sixx 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy this thrilling story from a fresh angle with the 2nd camera version! In the next part of this fantasy, bride Savannah Six has finally been told she's really been nabbed by a masked villain. While Savannah's captor waits for the groom-to-be to respond to his ransom demands, he keeps the beautiful bride comfortable while she's under wraps. Savannah is thoroughly bound lying down on the bed with her arms secured to her sides. She begs the cruel villain to let her go and not ruin her wedding day, but her pleas are answered with a tightly strapped ballgag. The bound and gagged bride struggles against the web of ropes but the restraints don't allow her much movement. Then later the masked baddie bares Savannah's luscious breasts for his own wicked amusement. But will the groom pay up so the wedding will go on without any more hitches?