Detective In A Haunted House - Part Two - Chi Chi Medina 0
Detective In A Haunted House - Part Two - Chi Chi Medina 1
Detective In A Haunted House - Part Two - Chi Chi Medina 2

As the story continues, private detective Chi Chi Medina is assigned to investigate all the mysterious disappearances linked to the haunted house. As she's looking for clues in the study, she opens a closet door and is shocked to find herself face-to-face with a werewolf! The gorgeous gumshoe (in a minidress and heels) immediately faints, and the furry creature takes advantage of Chi Chi's powerless condition to examine the supine intruder. The sexy shamus is next seen securely tied to a chair and cleavegagged. Her hairy tormentor comes in to check on the trussed-up detective, and he pulls open her dress for a better look at her considerable breasts. Left alone, Chi Chi energetically struggles against her bindings, but to no avail! Then she remembers she has a device on her that, with effort, aids in her liberation from the werewolf's clutches, and she frees herself.

Detective In A Haunted House - Part One - Victoria June 0
Detective In A Haunted House - Part One - Victoria June 1
Detective In A Haunted House - Part One - Victoria June 2

As the next entry in the "Haunted House" series begins, busty starlet Victoria June arrives at a location, thinking it's where she'll be playing the part of "Bimbo #2" for a low-budget horror movie. She's immediately confronted by a mad scientist who informs her that they're actually shooting the movie at the haunted house next door. But the sinister resident isn't going to let his unexpected visitor get away. The dark-haired beauty is bound in a kneeling position, and when they hear a knock at the door, Victoria's captor quickly tapegags his luscious hostage. When he returns, he tells the bound actress that to fund his evil experiments, he nabs unsuspecting lovelies like Ms. June for a very lucrative live cam-show. The depraved scientist then pulls open her top to expose Victoria's voluminous breasts, and he activates the powerful vibrator positioned between her thighs. The helpless starlet continues to cry out for help through the stuffed tapegag, but she can't resist the relentless hum of the vibrator, and she ultimately succumbs to a series of shuddering orgasms.

Freedom Woman Captured! Extended On-Screen Tying Edit - Riley Reyes - Agatha Delicious 0
Freedom Woman Captured! Extended On-Screen Tying Edit - Riley Reyes - Agatha Delicious 1
Freedom Woman Captured! Extended On-Screen Tying Edit - Riley Reyes - Agatha Delicious 2

Here's a special treat for fans of on-screen tying and costumed super-ladies. In the original version of "Freedom Woman Captured!" the scene of Agatha Delicious' masked henchmen tying up luscious Freedom Woman (Riley Reyes) had to be cut down because of the story's running time considerations. If you'd wished you could've had more time to savor this sensational scene, here's your dream come true. Our masked damsel is seen being roped up and detective-gagged by the long-legged villainess' underlings from start to finish, then helplessly carried out. With lots of loving close-ups of the masked adventuress' progression into complete captivity.

Victoria June, Investigative Reporter 0
Victoria June, Investigative Reporter 1
Victoria June, Investigative Reporter 2

Victoria June is an ace investigative reporter for KTIT, and she's been doing her job too well. Late at night, a black-clad intruder breaks into her bedroom and awakens the busty beauty with a gloved handgag and tells her she's in trouble. The long-haired reporter is spirited away to a grungy hideout where she's stripped down to her panties and roped into a strappado position with her legs held wide apart by a spreader-bar. Ms. June is silenced with a med-wrap gag, tightly pressed against her lips. The ski-masked villain tells his luscious captive that his boss wants a few words with her, but he's running late so she's have to be patient until he arrives. Left alone, Victoria tries to escape from this frightening situation (and her huge breasts jiggle from her efforts), but the ropes hold fast. Before long the boss arrives, and he tells the sexy journalist that he's unhappy with the stories she's been airing about him. He also let's her know that she's much better looking in real life than she is on TV, and he can't resist taking advantage of her helplessness. The boss indulges in some fondling and groping of the tied-up reporter, even giving a few playful swats to her very round posterior. He gives Victoria a firm warning and then leaves her struggle. How will she be able to free herself? And will she listen to the boss' words?

Nurse Nyssa Nabbed! - Nyssa Nevers

2018-03-16 Jon Woods and Nyssa Nevers 11:13 minutes Asian, Bondage, Uniform
Nurse Nyssa Nabbed! - Nyssa Nevers 0
Nurse Nyssa Nabbed! - Nyssa Nevers 1
Nurse Nyssa Nabbed! - Nyssa Nevers 2

At a small clinic, Nurse Nyssa Nevers is called into the office of the dubious Dr. Kahn. He tells her that he's heard she's been suspicious of all the prescriptions he's been issuing, and she admits she believes his methods have been questionable. She refuses to answer when he demands to know if she's contacted the authorities, but he believes he knows the answer anyway. He then overpowers the dark-haired beauty and locks her hands behind her back with military-grade zip-ties. Dr. Kahn stuff's Nyssa's mouth and tapegags her with medical tape. He uses more zip-ties on her ankles, and two more to secure her to the office chair (all shown on-screen). The villain then takes advantage of Nurse Nyssa's helplessness and exposes her huge breasts and he makes his getaway. The luscious angel of mercy struggles against the unyielding restraints and pitifully moans, trapped until someone comes to find and rescue her.

Storeroom Captive - Darla Crane

2018-03-11 Darla Crane 6:48 minutes Bondage, Redhead, Secretary
Storeroom Captive - Darla Crane 0
Storeroom Captive - Darla Crane 1
Storeroom Captive - Darla Crane 2

Superstar Darla Crane returns to American Damsels with a sensational scene, inspired by the detective magazine covers of yore and brought to life by the incredible Ms. Crane. As this pulse-pounding vignette opens, our busty redhead is silenced with a silver duct tape gag and securely roped up in a classic position in a grungy storeroom. Her blouse is unbuttoned, and her lacy bra can be seen. The bound and gagged beauty moans and struggles in vain, her miniskirt riding up to reveal a tantalizing panty-peek. Soon her bra is pulled down to expose her enormous breasts, a snug crotch-rope is added and an extra rope is tied to keep the luscious captive from fully extending her shapely legs. Darla falls onto her side and continues to fight against the ropes, but she remains a helpless prisoner!

Captive Pantyhose Secretary - Alternate Camera Edit - Vika 0
Captive Pantyhose Secretary - Alternate Camera Edit - Vika 1
Captive Pantyhose Secretary - Alternate Camera Edit - Vika 2

Encore! This is the 2nd camera version of this sizzling scene! Sexy secretary Vika has been nabbed by desperate men for some unknown purpose. As the scene opens, the leggy blonde has been tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" position for a ransom video. She pleads with her boss to cooperate with her mysterious captors, fearful of what they might do to her if he doesn't play along. Then Vika is cleavegagged with a bandana and she struggles in vain against her restraints. Before long the depraved villains open up her blouse to expose her luscious breasts, tie on a snug crotch-rope and they replace her cloth gag with duct tape pressed on her lips. The helpless beauty energetically struggles and squirms to free herself, but there's no escape for Vika!

Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Four - Agatha Delicious 0
Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Four - Agatha Delicious 1
Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Four - Agatha Delicious 2

As a special bonus to complete this feature, blonde damsel Agatha Delicious' scene is shown in it's entirety. The leggy beauty (in short skirt, blouse, pantyhose and high heels) is chair-tied and she begs for our titular super-lady to save her, adding a sly warning that she suspects it may be a trap. Then the luscious bait is cleavegagged and struggling in anticipation of the aforementioned trap closing on the unwary Freedom Woman. Before long Agatha's blouse is opened up and her ample breasts are exposed, and we get some tantalizing views of her pantyhose when her short skirt rides up during her efforts. The scene is followed by a brief glimpse of preview scenes from the next chapter of the Freedom Woman story (coming soon!).

Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Three - Riley Reyes 0
Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Three - Riley Reyes 1
Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Three - Riley Reyes 2

Freedom Woman (Riley Reyes) has been taken prisoner by unknown villains. As her captivity continues, we next see Freedom Woman (in pantyhose, leotard, boots, gloves and mask) kneeling, securely bound and ballgagged. The defeated damsel drools helplessly down her chest, nervously waiting for the mysterious man who arranged for her to be taken. Soon the boss arrives, an influential criminal mastermind known only as "The Coach." He removes our sexy protagonist's belt, and then takes great pleasure as he relieves her of her mask -- and her secret identity! The Coach removes his lovely captive's gag, and compels her to wrap her lips around a mounted dildo. The villain informs Freedom Woman that it's no ordinary phallic device in her mouth, and it will transform her into a submissive bondage slave. Influenced by the diabolical toy, she can't stop herself from sucking the dildo until the Coach ends the session. Will Freedom Woman ever be able to escape this dire fate? The story will be concluded soon!

Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Two - Riley Reyes - Agatha Delicious 0
Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Two - Riley Reyes - Agatha Delicious 1
Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Two - Riley Reyes - Agatha Delicious 2

Freedom Woman (Riley Reyes) has been taken captive under orders of a myserious villain, and now she's helpless in their clutches. The brave super-lady (in pantyhose, leotard, boots, gloves, cape and mask) is tied standing, still recovering from her stunning defeat. Agatha Delicious (in black lingerie and thigh-high boots) enters to taunt her spandex-clad damsel. The incredulous captive can't believe the evil woman would betray her in such a manner, but the booted babe assures her prisoner that it was all purely business. Agatha then gags poor Freedom Woman with silver duct tape and leaves her alone to struggle. The masked adventuress wriggles and writhes against her restraints, but all her efforts are useless against the tight ropes.