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This bondage-filled fantasy is now bargain priced! As our story opens, gorgeous Britney Amber is applying for a secretarial position at a rather unusual office. Her new employer advises her that at times when clients come to the office, she'll have to be kept out of the way. Britney says she's fine with that, and she's hired on the spot. But no sooner is she left alone than the busty beauty begins thoroughly snooping through the office, and it's apparent there's more to her than meets the eye. Before long her boss returns and informs Ms. Amber that a client is on the way, and she'll have to be tied up during his meeting. She's taken aback, but has to play along with his unusual request, and the sexy secretary is promptly chair-tied, bandana-gagged and struggling to free herself.

We discover that Britney's boss has had a very special package delivered to his office. Inside the large box is brunette celebrity Arielle Lane, and she's been handcuffed and ballgagged. He opens the box, pulls her up and tells his comely captive that she's going to make a lot of money for him and the company.

Meanwhile in Britney's office, administrative assistant Jenna Sativa has arrived and doesn't seem at all surprised to find the bound-and-gagged secretary at her desk. Britney is outraged when Jenna finally removes her gag, but their conversation draws the boss to the scene, and Ms. Sativa is quickly chair-tied and cleavegagged along with Britney. Left alone, they have a gag-talk conversation until Ms. Amber manages to spit out the bandana. She tells Jenna that her boss is a crook, and she's working undercover to get evidence against the criminal organization. Jenna agrees to help Britney, and they both strive to liberate themselves from their bonds.

In the boss's office, Arielle is still ballgagged and she's been securely bound to a stool with a vibrator strapped strategically between her legs. Ms. Lane's captor lets her know she'll be performing a live show featuring a bondage orgasm for his high-paying audience, and he switches on the powerful device. The trussed-up damsel makes a vain attempt to resist the Hitachi, but escape is impossible and before long she submits to a helpless orgasm.

Jenna and Britney have freed themselves, and the petite beauty is helping her newfound friend retrieve the incriminating evidence Britney is seeking. But their boss catches them in the act, and he takes them to a back room where they're compelled to change clothes before being hogtied side-by-side. When he leaves, the captives worriedly discuss what might happen next, and the secretary asks the detective if she's ever had any experience getting loose when tied up. Unfortunately, it's not one of Britney's skills.

Arielle's ransom has been paid, and now the criminals are going to return their luscious hostage. The leggy babe is stripped naked (except for her high heels), bound hand and foot and tapegagged in the back of a car. She squirms against her bondage, and when the boss sees her he tells his lame-brained henchman that she was supposed to be put in the trunk, not that back seat, where she might be seen.

The boss checks on his other two captives, and he cleavegags the hogtied duo before making his escape. The stunning prisoners rub up against each other as they attempt to get free, and they both find the experience very exciting, and they indulge in some playful kissing as they wriggle against the ropes. Jenna gets loose first, and takes advantage of her busty friend's helplessness before untying her.

Arielle is still naked, bound and tapegagged, and she's been moved to the car trunk. She continues her feisty struggles, but for all her efforts she only manages to escape from one of her high heels. The boss returns and tells her that the driver never showed up, and he has to drop off the pretty package himself. He closes the roped up damsel in the trunk and drives away.