Melody Undercover - Part Six - Keely Rose 0
Melody Undercover - Part Six - Keely Rose 1
Melody Undercover - Part Six - Keely Rose 2

In the conclusion of "The Valentine Doll," Keely Rose suddenly finds she's dressed up in a dirndl, tapegagged and tied down to the bed! The evil doll gives an ominous warning that when Keely comes, she'll belong to her. The stunning redhead squirms against the ropes, trying to get away from this surreal situation but escape is out of the question. Then the powerful vibrator positioned between Keely's legs springs to life. The beleaguered damsel struggles and squirms, yet she can't extricate herself, nor is she able to deny the effects of the relentless device pressed up against her nether region. It's not long until Keely must completely surrender to the power of the doll's infernal device... and she realizes what it said is all true!