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Melody Undercover - Part One - Melody Marks 1
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The adventures of amateur sleuth Melody Marks continue with highlights from three of her cases. In each of these thrilling exploits, our daring damsel assumes a different role to gather information for the case... and she runs into trouble along the way. We begin with "Cheerleader In Bondage." The adorable detective gets a spot on a college cheer squad in an attempt to get evidence on a dangerous criminal, but she's caught breaking the rules when she tries to make an unauthorized call. When the Coach finds out, Melody is bound hand and foot in her uniform and sneakers, and she's ballgagged. He recognizes her from their earlier meeting, and he has some unpleasant plans for the sexy gumshoe. Left alone, Melody struggles to liberate herself, but all that escapes is some saliva from behind her ballgag. She's helpless to stop the villains from pulling up her sweater to expose her outstanding breasts, and she's rendered even more defenseless when she's roped into a fold-tie on the mattress. Can Melody still win the day, or is she doomed to become the next missing cheerleader?

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