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Melody Undercover - Part Four - Keely Rose 1
Melody Undercover - Part Four - Keely Rose 2

As "The Valentine Doll" begins, sexy redhead Keely Rose is surprised to discover that someone has left a fancy doll on her doorstep. She brings it inside, presuming it's a Valentine gift from her boyfriend. But he knows nothing about it, and when she asks her friends on social media about it, they warn her that the doll is haunted and she should get rid of it immediately. Keely scoffs at their concern, calling it superstitious nonsense. But when she tries to walk away, she's suddenly tripped by a rope, and she falls onto a huge pile of more rope! But this isn't just ordinarly rope, it's enchanted! The possessed nylon wraps itself around poor Keely, and before she knows what's happening she's tied and gagged by the creepy cordage. She hears the faint, mocking laughter from the doll, and she begs to be set free. But instead the busty beauty is bound with more rope, hogtied, and her enormous breasts are exposed. She struggles in vain against the magic restraints, but there's no escape for her now. Then Keely is all but buried in the mass of rope, but the evil doll is just getting started with her!