Liv: Dangerously! - Part One - Liv Wild 0
Liv: Dangerously! - Part One - Liv Wild 1
Liv: Dangerously! - Part One - Liv Wild 2

As this unsold TV pilot begins, Special Agent Liv Wild has gone undercover in the administrative office of billionaire celebrity Booke Beretta to investigate a ransom plot. Liv is working late when she's suddenly confronted by intruders. The gorgeous brunette is bound hand and foot but she maintains her cool. But when she asks too many questions her captors decide to ballgag her. Left alone while they ransack the office, the plucky agent hops up and tries to find something to free herself, but Liv's efforts are discovered and she's roped to the chair with her legs crossed at the knees to prevent any more hopping around. Ms. Wild continues her struggles (inadvertantly exposing her perfect breasts in the process) and manages to pull her phone out of the desk drawer. Before she can call for help the bad guys catch her again and cruelly bind her elbows together to put a decisive end to any more escape attempts. How long will it be before she's finally found?