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This gorgeous bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! We present two tales of gorgeous ladies who have the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the right time to get themselves into trouble. In "Come Rescue Me!" sexy secretary Lucy Purr (in white blouse, a short, tight black skirt, stockings and high heels) sends that very text message to her boyfriend while she's working after hours. The long-haired beauty then reaches into her desk drawer and reveals some handcuffs, leg-irons and a bandana. Lucy begins by cleavegagging herself, then she attaches the leg-irons to her office chair. Next she clicks the cuffs onto her ankles and grabs the handcuffs to lock her hands behind her back. Ms. Purr enjoys her naughty self-restraint for a moment when she suddenly gets a reply from her boyfriend, saying he won't be able to stop by and he'll catch up with her later. Lucy immediately sends a desperate response to let him know she needs him right away, but then she drops her phone and it lands just out of reach. Our self-binding sweetie doesn't have a lot of time to make an escape plan when she's discovered by a rather surprised burglar. He certainly isn't going to set poor Lucy free, and it doesn't take long for him to figure out what's really going on with the kinky cutie.

The burglar noticed that Lucy had some bondage supplies conveniently hidden in her desk, and he puts them to good use. The hapless secretary is silenced with her own ballgag and roped into a classic position on top of her desk. Her short skirt has ridden up to expose her garters and stocking-tops, and her captor takes advantage of the situation and exposes Lucy's considerable breasts. The burglar leaves his luscious hostage alone while he ransacks the office, and once she sure he's not watching, Lucy tries her best to get loose, hop away, or get to the phone in her purse. But her hopes of escape are dashed when he discovers her, and Lucy is hogtied on her desk. She struggles and squirms against her restraints, but the knots hold fast and she realizes she's completely at his questionable mercies.

The burglar then strips his leggy hostage down to her panties, stockings, garters and heels and he binds her into a stretched-out horizontal position with her hands overhead. The helpless secretary is gagged with duct tape, and she wonders if the cruel intruder is done putting her through her bondage paces. While he's loading his ill-gotten goods into his car, Lucy does her best to liberate herself, but all her efforts are in vain! When the burglar returns he informs the busty babe that he's going to tie her up in a special way for her boyfriend to find her. He ties up Ms. Purr standing at her desk with her legs wide apart, secured in this position and with a tight crotchrope too. The villain makes his escape and poor Lucy is left alone again to struggle. Will she be rescued by her boyfriend, or discovered by someone else in this humiliating situation?

In "The Wrong Hostage," we have an amazing story of a movie production gone wrong. A documentary crew wanted to make a film about the dangers of celebrity. They devised a hypothetical hostage situation with supermodel Ryan Ryans and they hired her lookalike cousin to play her for the film. But a production assistant comes in to find director Lauren Kiley tied up, cleavegaged, toe-tied and frantically struggling. He removes her gag and she tells him that during the filming real criminals grabbed Ryan's stand-in, thinking they were getting the genuine celebrity. Back at their hideout, the captive cousin (in a tight-fitting minidress, stockings and strappy high heels) is chairtied and she tries her best to convince her captors that she's not really the famous supermodel. But the bad guys cleavegag the celebrity clone and make a ransom video with her. Then later the depraved villains decide to expose the helpless lady's delectable breasts, and they hike up her skirt to savor a gratuitous panty-peek. What will these miscreants do when they find out their captive is not who they think she is?

Meanwhile at the film production, the assistant tells the still trussed-up Lauren that in a bizarre twist, a completely different group of criminals has, indeed, nabbed the genuine Ryan Ryans. The glamorous supermodel is dressed in lacy red lingerie and thigh-high stockings... and tied hands-over-head to the headboard of the bed. Ms. Ryans angrily warns her captors that they've made a big mistake by taking her, but they don't pay any heed, and they use microfoam tape (wrapped all the way around her head, under her hair) to put an end to her admonition. The dazzling damsel tries her best to maintain a brave demeanor, but she gets nervous when the criminals pull her lingerie aside to get a better look at her "A-List" breasts. Will Ryan and her lookalike be rescued in time? And what about Lauren?