Innocent Vixens - Part Two - Lucy Purr 0
Innocent Vixens - Part Two - Lucy Purr 1
Innocent Vixens - Part Two - Lucy Purr 2

Sexy secretary Lucy Purr's self-bondage game for her boyfriend is interrupted by a surprised burglar. The criminal intruder noticed that Lucy had some bondage supplies conveniently hidden in her desk, and he puts them to good use. The hapless secretary is silenced with her own ballgag and roped into a classic position on top of her desk. Her short skirt has ridden up to her waist, exposing her garters and stocking-tops, and her captor takes advantage of the situation and exposes Lucy's considerable breasts. The burglar leaves his luscious hostage alone while he ransacks the office, and once she sure he's not watching, Lucy tries her best to get loose, hop away, or get to the phone in her purse. But her hopes of escape are dashed when he discovers her, and Lucy is hogtied on her desk. She struggles and squirms against her restraints, but the knots hold fast and she realizes she's completely at his questionable mercies.