Hotel Intrigue - Part Six - Melody Marks 0
Hotel Intrigue - Part Six - Melody Marks 1
Hotel Intrigue - Part Six - Melody Marks 2

In the pulse-pounding conclusion of this tale, amateur sleuth Melody Marks is still in the clutches of a disreputable producer, and facing a very similar predicament as Lola Pearl! The delicious detective is clad in lacy lingerie and tied down to the bed in an open, vulnerable position. Melody is subjected to a layered detective gag with a ballgag strapped between her lips over it. And in that network of ropes binding her to the bed, a powerful vibrator is carefully fixed between her thighs. The devious producer allows her alluring captive a moment to appreciate the hopelessness of the situation before baring Ms. Marks' heavenly breasts and bringing the vibrator to life. Melody pulls against her restraints and feebly tries to deny the producer the satisfaction of seeing her give in to her reluctant desires. But the persuasive drone of the Hitachi is too much to oppose, and it's not long until the captive beauty resigns herself to a powerless orgasm. What will Melody's captor do with her next?