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Now you can enjoy this thrilling bondage fantasy at a bargain price! Because of unusual reports from the Las Captivas Community College, federal agent Lana Violet has been assigned to investigate their coach regarding suspicious activities surrounding their cheerleading team, "The Hostagettes." The petite beauty sneaks into the coach's office and accesses his laptop, first pulling up information on missing cheerleader Angelica Saige (Vivie Delmonico). We then see the all natural, sock-clad cutie cleavegagged and tied up for the coach's kinky website!

As federal agent Lana Violet continues her investigation, she finds the file on Kristal Summers. We discover that the squad leader for the University of Southern Azusa was another unenthusiastic participant for the coach's live cam site. The gorgeous blonde is hogtied and bandana gagged, trying in vain to tell the online audience she's not a willing participant and begging for help. She helplessly struggles, and before long the coach bares her ample breasts. But he's got more planned for his beautiful prisoner.

Captive cheerleader Kristal Summers is still being held by the Coach. The helpless blonde is dressed up in lingerie, ballgagged and tied down spreadeagle on the bed. A vibrator is roped snugly into place and switched on, and Kristal is subjected to a long series of bondaged orgasms.

Federal agent Lana Violet is caught snooping in the Coach's office. She tells him she was just hoping to try out for the Hostagettes. The Coach wastes no time in initiating the petite beauty, and she's quickly tapegagged, chairtied and struggling in vain to free herself from his clutches.

Federal agent Lana Violet's cover has been blown, and she's fallen into the clutches of the evil Coach. The petite beauty is roped up in a classic tie and silenced with a stuffed bandana gag for the Coach's kinky cam site. The long-haired beauty struggles and squirms, trying to convey her genuine distress to the online audience. Soon Lana's captor exposes her perky, all-natural breasts. But the Coach has a lot more planned for his sexy prisoner!

Federal agent Lana Violet is still in the clutches of the evil Coach. As her non-consensual webcam appearance continues, the long-haired beauty has been dressed up in a Hostagettes uniform, ballgagged and roped into a "calf-tie" position. The petite damsel struggles valiantly but in vain, and she's helpless to stop her captor from his plans for her final humiliation!

Federal agent Lana Violet is still being held captive by the Coach and compelled to perform for his kinky cam site. The petite beauty is handcuffed to the bed with a powerful vibrator buckled between her thighs. Her captor turns it on, and soon the long haired babe is powerless to stop herself from experiencing a series of strong orgasms.