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Our story opens at the offices of Sly Private Investigations, specifically in the storage room. Leggy office manager Lola Pearl (in blouse, miniskirt, pantyhose and high heels) is securely tied to a chair and cleavegagged, and the sexy brunette struggles in vain to extricate herself from this predicament. But in some candid moments, we see on her face that being bound and gagged isn't all distress for Ms. Pearl. She finally surrenders to her restraints, and it's revealed that this scenario has all been part of an agency-required class to teach their employees how to escape when taken prisoner. The instructor unties her, and he tells the alluring office manager that soon he or one of his employees will return to give Lola another chance to successfully complete the exercise. She protests, saying she's far too busy for this, but the instructor reminds her that according to the employee agreement she signed, passing the class is mandatory.

The next day in the office, sexy secretary Christiana Cinn (in blouse, short skirt, thigh high stockings and strappy heels) is working at her desk when she's confronted by a masked intruder. The stunning brunette is bound hand and foot in a classic tie and bandana-gagged, then hidden behind her desk while the burglar searches for his mysterious objective. Left alone, Christiana's tight skirt rides up as she tries to wiggle out of the unyielding restraints. She's still helplessly tied up when Lola comes in and finds her, and Christiana frantically explains what's happened. But instead of freeing her co-worker, the sultry office manager mistakenly believes this is all part of the escape class, and she re-gags the subdued secretary. Lola claims she's too busy to free her, but it seems the sexy office manager is relishing our adorable damsel's dilemma!

The black-clad intruder returns, but Lola still believes he's only a role-playing instructor for the escape class. She protests that she doesn't have time for the test, but the long-stemmed beauty is promptly roped up and cleavegagged on the floor next to Christiana. The burglar tells his sweet hostages that he doesn't know who they think he may be, but he assures them this is all real. He leaves to continue his mission, and the damsels struggle to get loose. Lola manages to slip her gag off, and she explains to Christiana what she thinks is going on. But Ms. Pearl can't conceal her arousal, and soon she's nuzzling and kissing her bandana-gagged co-worker. They send start working together to untie each other, and their efforts are finally paying off!

Meanwhile in another file storage room, busty secretary Skylar Snow (in open-toed high heels, pantyhose and tight-fitting blouse and skirt) is snooping around when she's surprised by the burglar. It quickly becomes apparent that not only do they know each other, but they're also professional rivals. Yet the dark villain has the upper hand over the undercover operative, and Skylar is bound hand and foot in a classic position on a convenient bare mattress being stored nearby. It seems Skylar has interfered with several of his jobs, and now he's out for revenge after being cheated of some big paydays by her. He stuffs her mouth and tapegags his luscious competitor, then he bares Skylar's voluptuous breasts to add to the humiliation of her defeat. The vanquished vixen then struggles and moans in hopes of freeing herself and mitigating this mortifying defeat, but it seems she's hopelessly stuck.

The burglar returns in time to stop Lola and Christiana from completing their escape. He demands the delectable duo change clothes, and when we next see the gorgeous office ladies (dressed in short skirts, blouses and high heels) they're both cleavegagged and chairtied in the same storage room where Lola failed her escape class the day before. They do their best to liberate themselves, and finally work off their gags. With more effort, Lola manages to loosen Christiana's knots, and she's free! But instead of returning the favor for the restrained office manager, Ms. Cinn tightens the knots binding her superior. She sits on Lola's lap and kisses her, and tells her she's going to keep her tied up a bit longer, with the promise of more fun later. Christiana then re-gags her, and leaves Lola to enjoy her bondage. The subdued office manager is dismayed — if only she'd done better with the class!