Escape Class - Part Two - Christiana Cinn  0
Escape Class - Part Two - Christiana Cinn  1
Escape Class - Part Two - Christiana Cinn  2

This tale of office bondage continues the following day. Sexy secretary Christiana Cinn (in blouse, short skirt, thigh high stockings and strappy heels) is working at her desk when she's confronted by a masked intruder. The stunning brunette is bound hand and foot in a classic tie and bandana-gagged, then hidden behind her desk while the burglar searches for his mysterious objective. Left alone, Christiana's tight skirt rides up as she tries to wiggle out of the unyielding restraints. She's still helplessly tied up when Lola comes in and finds her, and Christiana frantically explains what's happened. But instead of freeing her co-worker, the sultry office manager mistakenly believes this is all part of the escape class, and she re-gags the subdued secretary. Lola claims she's too busy to free her, but it seems the sexy office manager is relishing our adorable damsel's captivity!