Escape Class - Deleted Scene - Skylar Snow 0
Escape Class - Deleted Scene - Skylar Snow 1
Escape Class - Deleted Scene - Skylar Snow 2

In this scene that was cut from "Escape Class" for running time considerations, we see what happens when the office invader decides to further humiliate his professional rival. Having completed his mission, the masked villain goes back to the storage room to check on Skylar Snow. The busty industrial spy is still bound hand and foot, and the bad guy gloats and tells her that he's going to have some fun with her now. When we next see Ms. Snow, her skirt and panties have been removed and she's securely tied down to a bare mattress and gagged with microfoam tape -- with a powerful vibrator strategically secured between her thighs. The burglar activates the device and makes his exit, knowing that Skylar will soon be discovered in this compromised position. She struggles against the ropes, but she knows she can't escape and before long the stunning captive surrenders to a helpless orgasm.