Danger Gal: Old Habits Fall Hard - Part One - Darla Crane & Stacy Burke 0
Danger Gal: Old Habits Fall Hard - Part One - Darla Crane & Stacy Burke 1
Danger Gal: Old Habits Fall Hard - Part One - Darla Crane & Stacy Burke 2

Superstars Darla Crane and Stacy Burke are reunited for this bondage-filled super fantasy by Skyryder 23. As the story opens, we learn that some time ago Danger Gal (Darla Crane) had vanquished her arch-enemy Gadgette (Stacy Burke) and the villainous vixen had been sentenced to a long stay in prison. This led to a precipitous drop in the crime rate, and Danger-Gal hung up her super-suit and returned to her career as a lawyer. But mind-numbing boredom makes the gorgeous crimebuster long for the glory days, and Darla arranges for Gadgette to be paroled so she can have more thrilling adventures. The blonde supervillainess returns to her old hideout, and is surprised when she's confronted by her nemesis Danger Gal! The redheaded champion of justice is looking over Gadgette's diabolical devices when she accidentally activates a wand that paralyzes her.

Danger-Gal has unexpectedly fallen into Gadgette's clutches and when we next see her she's been securely bound to a chair -- and the helpless super-lady has a powerful vibrator startegically roped between her thighs. The wicked blonde takes advantage of Danger Gal's helpless position to ballgag the busty super-lady, expose her enormous breasts and then to unmask her! Gadgette gloats and explains that it's no ordinary vibrator that Danger Gal has pressed up against her most intimate area. She tells the captive redhead that it will absorb her powers, and the more pleasure she feels, the more it will drain her powers until they're gone forever! Gadgette switches on the diabolical device and Danger Gal summons all her inner strength to hold out against the irresistible one-note song of the vibrator. But despite her resolve, the defeated do-gooder must ultimately surrender to the power of the vibrator with a shuddering orgasm! Danger Gal's downfall is complete -- but what does Gadgette have planned for her next?