Damsels In A Haunted House - Part Four - Madi Meadows 0
Damsels In A Haunted House - Part Four - Madi Meadows 1
Damsels In A Haunted House - Part Four - Madi Meadows 2

As the next chapter of the story begins, heiress Madi Meadows is snatched from a costume party and taken to a haunted house where she's to be held captive until her billionaire father comes up with the money to pay for her freedom. Madi (in a cute country-gal outfit) is brought in cleavegagged with her hands tied behind her back. Her masked captor frogties her long legs (shown on-screen) and tells her not to try anything while he goes to make the ransom demand. Madi struggles on the mattress, but her active endeavor is all in vain. It's not long until the ski-masked villain returns with some good news: Madi's daddy has agreed to pay the ransom. The bound and gagged heiress is helpless to stop the wicked villain as he pulls down her top to expose her perfect breasts. He tells the bewitching brunette he's going to get his payment, and he warns her that the house is haunted and that many pretty ladies have disappeared from there. He exits and the terrified beauty frantically tries to escape from this dire situation. She struggles and tries to call for help through the stuffed bandana-gag, and it looks like she's destined to remain a helpless prisoner when suddenly a pair of scissors magically appears in her hands! No sooner does she get herself loose then she hears the hair-raising scream of her captor. Madi quickly sees he's met a horrible fate, then she suddenly finds herself face-to-face with a black-robed, skull-faced Spook! The distressed heiress can't stand the shock and she immediately faints to the floor.