Damsel Of The Week - Part Five - Kiki D'Aire 0
Damsel Of The Week - Part Five - Kiki D'Aire 1
Damsel Of The Week - Part Five - Kiki D'Aire 2

Struggling actress Kiki D'Aire continues her adventures as the frequently-imperiled "Damsel Of the Week." In this next installment of her exploits, the busty beauty hooks a guest starring role on the American Damsels Network series "Damsel Of The Sea." As the episode begins, our buxom damsel-in-distress portrays a mermaid who's been taken captive by the bad guys. She reluctantly admits that she really is a mermaid, but Kiki fails to convince her captors that she's actually a government agent, and she makes a feeble attempt to intimidate them with a mermaid curse. The villains don't believe her, and respond to her threats by applying a duct tape gag. The trussed-up mermaid struggles like a fish out of water, but she knows she's caught now. Before long the baddies expose Kiki's luscious breasts, and she pleads and flirts in an attempt to get them to release their catch -- but it's apparent she's going to remain their helpless prisoner.