Damsel Of The Week - Alternate Camera Edits 0
Damsel Of The Week - Alternate Camera Edits 1
Damsel Of The Week - Alternate Camera Edits 2

Encore! This is a Bargain Priced collection of all the second-camera edits of (literally) struggling Hollywood actress Kiki D'Aire. Highlights from the five chapters of the series are presented here. In most cases these segments are taken from static, tripod cameras, sometimes with less-than-perfect color. But Kiki's performance really shines through in each scene. As we begin, she's an excellent classic damsel as she's chair-tied, scarf-gagged and left in a dire predicament. Then she portrays a busty starlet who's held for ransom, her gloved hands tied overhead, tapegagged by her masked captor who then exposes her luscious breasts. Then Kiki is frogtied and cleavegagged by nasty extraterrestrials who cut her clothes open and compel her to have a bondage orgasm for their depraved amusement. As a spandex-clad superheroine, Ms. D'Aire is chair-tied, tapegagged and ultimately left in that humiliating position with a buzzing vibrator secured between her thighs. And for the finale our buxom thespian portrays a mermaid who's taken captive, bound, tapegagged and struggling helplessly like a fish out of water.