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This complete feature is now bargain-priced! In a parallel universe, the world is populated only by women whose uniforms or costumes determine who they are in society. As the story opens, Detective Melissa Jacobs falls prey to an old enemy and finds herself bound to a chair and detective-gagged with a dangerous timed device nearby. Despite her desperate struggles, she can't free herself. Luckily, at the last minute she's saved by Spy Erika Jordan.

Once she's rescued, Spy Erika Jordan asks Detective Melissa Jacobs to help their government track down and stop a mysterious threat. Several citizens have been attacked, bound and gagged by a strange, dark figure with no identity.

Sexy Lawyer Marlena Mercurio meets the faceless villainess and believes the intruder is only in her office for some wicked fun. But the leggy lawyer soon ends up chair-tied and cleave-gagged at her desk, her breasts exposed.

Erika presents the file of the next incident to the gorgeous sleuth: When Magician Georgia Jones' rehearsal is interrupted by the shadowy figure, the slender beauty is overpowered, roped up, cuffed and ball-gagged. But Georgia's escape-artist skills are all for naught!

The beautiful spy presents the next incident to the Detective Melissa: After a meeting, Camp Scout Leader Samantha Ryan is caught unprepared when the Dark Spirit confronts her. The slender beauty is thoroughly tied while seated on a stool, cleave-gagged and exposed before her tormentor leaves her to helplessly struggle!

Erika shares the file with the final occurance to the stunning crimebuster: Military Major Karlie Montana is lured to a lonely spot and attacked by the shadowy stranger. Karlie is tied up, cleave-gagged and exposed, and her incognito nemesis humiliates her by briefly using Karlie's own crop on her.

Melissa promises to help them solve the mystery of the Dark Spirit, and Erika leaves her office. But the beautiful spy is promptly overpowered and taken captive by her prey, and Erika soon finds herself hogtied on a mattress in a grimy garage. Erika's enigmatic enemy gags her, then ultimately cuts away her turtleneck sweater to reveal her luscious breasts.

The CosWorld series is a collaborative production for FM Concepts and American Damsels, written and directed by Jon Woods.