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This complete star-studded bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! In a parallel universe, the world is populated only by women whose uniforms or costumes determine their role in society. As the next chapter of the saga begins, Spy Erika Jordan is caught breaking into a safe. Lorelei the SuperSpy soon has the helpless beauty bound and gagged. Lorelei cuts open Erika's turtleneck sweater to expose her breasts before leaving the sexy spy in dire peril. Luckily, at the last minute CSI agent Jenaveve Jolie finds and rescues the busty beauty.

The story continues back at Jenaveve Joli's apartment, where the busty CSI agent gives spy Erika Jordan the files they've collected on the newest attacks by "The Dark Spirit," the mysterious, faceless woman terrorizing their society:

When harem slave Veronica Avluv meets the Dark Lady she thinks it's just her mistress playing a game. But the sexy servant is promptly vanquished, then gagged and progressively bound with her own collection of silky scarves. Ultimately she's hogtied (and even toe-tied) with more colorful scarves, and Veronica's considerable breasts are exposed by the sinister intruder.

While fixing her own sink, plumber Aimee Addison is taken captive by the Dark Lady. The blue-collar babe is locked up with chains and locks in a classic position, with her feet separated with an improvised wrench spreader-bar, and Aimee is gagged with wrapping and tape. She struggles against the unyielding metal restraints, but she can't escape, nor is she able to stop the shadowy villainess from unzipping her uniform to reveal her luscious breasts.

Famous lounge singer Jamie Lynn is subdued while she's alone in a rehearsal room, and finds herself tied up to the piano. The Dark Spirit ballgags the busty beauty (shown on-screen) and pulls down poor Jamie's gown before leaving her alone to helplessly struggle and drool.

Sheriff Randy Moore responds to an urgent call at a storage facility but she's overcome by the mysterious Dark Lady. Her nefarious nemesis uses Randy's own pink handcuffs and legirons to restrain the luscious law-lady in a hogtie. The booted babe is silenced with a pink ballgag (shown on-screen) and fondled, and the sexy Sheriff's pantyhose and ample breasts are uncovered by her wicked captor.

Their meeting concludes, and Spy Erika leaves with the secret information. No sooner is she alone when CSI agent Jenaveve slips on a strategically placed banana peel and she's overpowered by her enigmatic enemy! The bold Dark Spirit ties Jenaveve to a chair and silently taunts the gorgeous brunette before cleave-gagging her (shown on-screen) and unzipping the busty beauty's dress to expose her luscious breasts. Left alone, Jenaveve frantically struggles in vain to reach her cell-phone, which has been left tantalizingly out of reach. Will these brave women ever be able to learn the true identity of the Dark Spirit and stop her bizarre attacks?

The CosWorld series is a collaborative production for FM Concepts and American Damsels, written and directed by Jon Woods