Carolina-Napped! - Carolina Sweets 0
Carolina-Napped! - Carolina Sweets 1
Carolina-Napped! - Carolina Sweets 2

Stunning Carolina Sweets has been taken captive, and as the video begins the blonde beauty is bound hand and foot on a bare mattress and begging to be set free. But that's not going to happen anytime soon, and Carolina is bandana-gagged and left to struggle against the unyielding ropes. As Ms. Sweets's ordeal continues, more and more rope is added to her bondage until the barefoot babe is strictly hogtied and completely helpless, and her luscious breasts are exposed.

Then our damsel is stripped naked and roped down to the mattress in a hands-overhead frogtie, and she's been silenced with a microfoam tapegag. Carolina's depraved captors also have a powerful vibrator pressed up against her most intimate area, held securely in place with more rope. The device is switched on, and Carolina twists against the ropes in vain attempt to evade the relentless hum of the Hitachi. But there's no escape for her, and the gorgeous blonde ultimately surrenders to a shuddering bondage orgasm.