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This sensational bondage-filled fantasy is now bargain priced! Some months ago during a covert operation, Agent Hannah Perez witnessed the apparent ending of the mysterious and dangerous enemy agent known only as "The Gray Man." Now Agent Perez is working undercover in an office, following a lead on the elusive "Wotzop Document." She's working late on the case when she's quite surprised to find herself face-to-face with the very-much-alive Gray Man. The gorgeous brunette is ballgagged and thoroughly bound to her office-chair (all shown completely on-screen). The silent menace also uses a pair of scissors to cut open Hannah's blouse and expose her ample breasts. Before he leaves his lovely captive alone to helplessly struggle, the cruel agent tauntingly leaves the scissors just beyond Hannah's reach.

As the story continues, Agent Hannah Perez is napping when The Gray Man finds her again. He handgags her, then reaches under her silky nightgown and uses her own panties to gag his frightened hostess. The masked villain then binds Hannah into a snug classic position (including a toe-tie) and she's tethered down to her bed (all shown on-screen). But our luscious captive's ordeal is just getting started.

Agent Perez is still being held captive in her own apartment. Her depraved captor compels Hannah to change into some lacy bra and panties, and he gags her with microfoam tape. The busty agent is then bound into a strict hogtie (all shown on-screen), and she squirms and struggles in vain while the dangerous agent ransacks Hannah's apartment.

As the adventure concludes, Agent Hannah Perez is still being held hogtied and tapegagged by the elusive enemy agent. The masked villain finds her vibrator, and he ties it onto her for his own depraved amusement. He turns on the device, and soon Hannah succumbs to a series of unstoppable orgasms. Then The Gray Man leaves a pair of scissors tantalizingly out of her reach and makes his exit. Will he return to further torment his helpless captive?

In "The Accidental Captive," Niki Lee Young has an appointment at the clinic, and she's waiting for her doctor when the building is taken over by masked robbers. One of the criminals finds Niki, and he compels the flawless blonde to strip naked. He makes her stuff a cloth into her mouth, and he cleavegags her with a bandana. The thug then ties his naked hostage down to a massage table. Once he's seen her naked, he recognized her as adult star as Niki Lee Young. When the invaders have completed their crime, the ski-masked thug tells Niki he's taking her along with him.

In the conclusion of "The Accidental Captive," Niki Lee Young as been spirited away. The ski-masked villain takes her back to his home, and he makes her put on some lacy lingerie. He ballgags her and binds his sexy captive into a frogtie on the bad (shown on-screen), including tying a powerful vibrator in her hands. Poor Niki must then use the vibrator to bring herself to a helpless orgasm or face the wrath of her heartless captor. If she complies with his wishes, will he finally set her free?