Captivating Fantasies - Part Three - Leah Lee 0
Captivating Fantasies - Part Three - Leah Lee 1
Captivating Fantasies - Part Three - Leah Lee 2

Leah Lee returns in the next segment, starring in "The Hazards of Leah." The barefoot babe is bound hand and foot (and knees) on the bed and she advises her captors to let her go or there'll be trouble. But the bad guys pay no attention to the country cutie's warning and the leggy lady is ballgagged. Left alone, Leah struggles to free herself. Her abbreviated blouse opens to reveals her luscious breasts, and her super-short denim skirt rides up to give a titillating look at her outstanding backside. But the bad guys disapprove of Ms. Lee's shenanigans, and they hogtie her. The feisty damsel continues the squirm, and eventally her miniskirt is pulled down, allowing a perfect view of her lacy panties. But Leah is undaunted and continues her bid for freedom, so the villains tightly bind her elbows together and pull down her panties. Poor Leah is now completely helpless and at their mercy!