Captivating Fantasies - Part One - Leah Lee 0
Captivating Fantasies - Part One - Leah Lee 1
Captivating Fantasies - Part One - Leah Lee 2

This delightful collection of bondage scenes begins with "My Bondage Office - The Temp" (a bonus chapter from the earlier feature). Sexy secretary Leah Lee plays the titular character, and she's caught by the POV executive as she's slacking off on the phone, claiming that the temp job is so easy she could do it with both hands tied behind her back. In his ensuing fantasy, Leah gets the opportunity to prove her claim, and she's cleavegagged with a bandana and tied to her desk chair. The leggy beauty begs him to free her, but she's left to helplessly struggle against her restraints. She rolls her office chair over to see if there's anything in the desk she can use to free herself, but her efforts are all in vain. Then the executive imagines that Leah's blouse is unbuttoned, allowing for an unobstructed view of her perfect breasts, and her short skirt is pulled up, showing off her pantyhose and lacy panties.