Bride-Napped! - Part Three - Savannah Sixx 0
Bride-Napped! - Part Three - Savannah Sixx 1
Bride-Napped! - Part Three - Savannah Sixx 2

As this fantasy continues, the masked intruder finally locates bride-to-be Savannah Sixx in the backmost room of the event hall. The brunette beauty is startled when she first sees him, but she immediately (and mistakenly) believes that he's an employee of one of those companies that nabs brides and takes them to a big party before the wedding. The quick-thinking thug doesn't correct her, and he uses her unwitting cooperation to his advantage. She plays along as he tells her she must be bound and cleavegagged (shown on-screen) and he spirits her to his hideout. At his hideaway, the unsuspecting Savannah, still in her gown, is securely tied to a stool. She gladly makes what she thinks is a bogus ransom video for her sly captor, then he cleavegags his innocent hostage and she gives a damsel-in-distress performance for the partygoers to stream. Savannah is left alone, but she begins to suspect something is amiss when she's kept bound and gagged for so long. The masked villain ultimately returns and reveals the subterfuge to his gorgeous prisoner. Savannah then genuinely struggles against her bonds, but she knows she's completely at his mercy!