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Bedroom Damsels - Part Five - Melody Marks  1
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"Bondage Love Angel" Melody Marks has been assigned to grant you three fantasies. For the second one your Love Angel is given a request for an adventure. Happy to fulfill the wish, she becomes a forest adventuress from the days of yore. The scene opens with the blonde beauty preparing to rob from the wealthy to give to those less fortunate. However it's all a trap, and her band of merry women have all been captured! Melody has no choice but to surrender, and the booted babe is staked out spread-eagle on the ground, tightly tied with leather thongs. Our defiant damsel tells her captor she doesn't believe in magic, nor does she believe any magic wand can harm her. But the magic wand that's staked between her thighs is very special, and once it's activated Melody twists against her bonds, trying her best to escape the insidious influence of the infernal device. Yet the heroic sweetheart can only hold out so long until she has no choice but to succumb to a powerful, eye-rolling orgasm!