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This sensational bondage-packed feature is now bargain priced! In the opening two-part scene barefoot bikini babe Krystal Shay is scarfgagged and tied in a classic position on the bed. She struggles and squirms, and soon her all natural breasts are exposed and she's hogtied. Then we get a brief look at redhead Scarlett Wild, tapegagged and very strictly hogtied dressed only in her sundress. She struggles wildly, and her dress rides up.

Then Flawless beauty Niki Lee Young (in high heels and sheer lacy pink lingerie) is silenced with a knotted cleavegag and roped up in a variety of positions on the bed, ending up barefoot, frogtied and struggling.

Gorgeous Arielle Lane is tied down to the bed with her hands crossed overhead, dressed in lacy bra and panties, garters, stockings and heels. She's silenced with a layered detective gag with a ballgag strapped over it. Soon her bra and shoes are removed, the sexy brunette is tied spreadeagle and energetically struggling in vain to escape.

All natural cutie Dakota Charms is bound hand and foot in her high heels and lacy lingerie. She begs to be let go, but she's scarfgagged instead. When she tries to hop away she's caught, and she's frogtied. She struggles wildly, but remains a helpless captive, and soon her pert breasts are exposed.

Dressed up in bra, panties, stockings and high heels, gorgeous Vivie Delmonico (AKA Angelica Saige) is ballgagged and secured to the bed with her long, shapely legs tied open. Soon the statuesque beauty's legs are drawn up and bound to the headboard, and then she's tied into a strict back-arching, bed-anchored hogtie.

Aqua-haired hottie Loren Chance is dressed up in cut-off denim shorts and an authentic prison T-shirt. The warden's favorite is barefoot, bound in a strict elbows-together frogtie and tapegagged. Soon her perky, all natural breasts are revealed, then her toes are tied, pulled back and attached to her elbow ropes.

As "Bound To Come Again" begins, slender lingerie-clad cutie Constance is tapegagged and stringently bound in an elbows-together lotus-tie. A powerful vibrator is secured in place, and soon it's switched on, making her experience a helpless orgasm.

Then as "Bound To Come Again" continues, busty babe Kiki D'Aire thinks she's been hired for a glamour shoot, and she's dressed up in classic lingerie, stockings and high heels. So the curvy beauty is quite surprised when she's bound in a classic position and cleavegagged. Then she's secured in a frogtie and silenced with a layered gag, the "bondage orgasm belt" is buckled on her and she can't help but have a shuddering orgasm after the Hitachi is activated.

For the final scene of "Bound To Come Again," Dakota Charms (in miniskirt, shiny blouse and high heels) is bandana-gagged and bound with a lot of rope in a lotus position. Soon her captor places a powerful vibrator in her bound hands and compels the brunette babe to bring herself to orgasm, and she has no choice but to comply.