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Sweet Ashly Anderson is being held as a bound captive in her home by a masked intruder. As the scene opens, the lingerie-clad damsel is seen tied in a "seated-T" position on the bed. Her captor enters and ballgags his luscious captive (shown on-screen), and he leaves the stocking-footed babe to struggle while he works to complete his mysterious mission. Left alone, Ashly tries to escape the cruel ropes, but all her squirming does her no good. Then Ms. Anderson's position is changed. Her hands are cuffed under her knees, and leg-irons keep her attached to the bed. The villain has exchanged her ballgag for a microfoam tape gag, and he's exposed her considerable breasts. It's not long before Ashly falls to her side, and she knows she won't be able to get herself upright again. But her position now allows an unobstructed view of her shapely backside and her stockinged soles. The dark villain ultimately returns to assure his trussed-up hostage her ordeal isn't over!