Ashley's Game - Ashley Lane 0
Ashley's Game - Ashley Lane 1
Ashley's Game - Ashley Lane 2

As this fantasy begins, babysitter Ashley Lane has apparently directed her charges to bind her hand and foot with neckties. As part of her sly game, she then instructs the fledgling superheroes to return in half an hour to rescue her. But the leggy blonde is suddenly distraught when she sees them approach her with tape, and they ignore her demand that they not use it. They also her ignore her final request before she's silenced with a wraparound microfoam tapegag. Left alone, the barefoot babe struggles against the cloth restraints, possibly enjoying her predicament, or enjoying her inner bondage fantasy. She tries to give her charges more instruction when they check on her, but they're not interested in what Ashley has to say and they hogtie their gorgeous sitter. Ashley continues her struggles, and before long her perfect, all natural breasts are exposed. And then for the finale Ashley's elbows are strictly bound together and another necktie is used to toe-tie the bondage-loving lady. Has this tie-up game really gone awry, or exactly as she hoped it would?