American Damsel's Nightmare - Deleted Scene - Brooke Beretta 0
American Damsel's Nightmare - Deleted Scene - Brooke Beretta 1
American Damsel's Nightmare - Deleted Scene - Brooke Beretta 2

Because of running time considerations, this pulse-pounding sequence was edited from the "American Damsel" story. As the scene opens, gorgeous Brooke Beretta (in an adorable dirndl) is working undercover at a bar affiliated with the supervillain "Nightmare." She enters into her boss's office under the premise of bringing him a beverage, but once she's certain the office is empty she begins snooping around in search of evidence. However the busty babe is discovered, and tries nervously to talk her way out of this situation. When we next see Brooke she's bound hand and foot, and her captor informs her that he's aware she's a "Damsellete" - one of American Damsel's secret operatives. He tells the busty beauty she's going to be used as bait for the superlady, and Brooke is cleavegagged. She struggles in a vain effort to escape, but the knots all hold fast; and before long her voluminous breasts are bared. Then the captive agent is tied bent over a stool, her feet held apart with a spreader bar and her skirt is pulled up to expose her luscious fishnet-clad backside. But for some inexplicable reason, Brooke's boss isn't coming to her rescue!

Then our curvy damsel is stripped down to her bra, panties and high heels. She's tied up again and gagged with microfoam tape, and she's got a powerful vibrator secured between her thighs. The seemingly ordinary device has unusual properties -- the supervillain will utilize it to read her mind and discovery the location of American Damsel's secret headquarters! Brooke's bountiful breasts are revealed again and the vibrator is activated. She struggles and moans, desperately trying to resist the relentless influence of the magic wand. But despite her valiant efforts it's not long until she surrenders to a helpless orgasm. Is all truly lost for our damsel now?