Liv's Bondage Date - Liv Wild

2019-10-11 Liv Wild 8:39 minutes Barefoot, Bondage, Latina
Liv's Bondage Date - Liv Wild 1
Liv's Bondage Date - Liv Wild 2

As this POV scene opens, adorable Liv Wild's hands are tied hand behind her back and she's trying to make some sense of this bondage game. She tries her best to convince you that she's a lot more fun when she's not tied up, and she makes some very tempting offers to let her go. But instead her ankles are bound and she's cleavegagged with a bandana. She good-naturedly gag-talks, still making charming arguments as to why she should be set loose. Liv continues her sweet gag-talk even after more rope is added and she's roped up into a sort of modified cross-ankle hogtie. Her endearing attempts to talk her way out of her bondage continues until medical tape is layered over the cleavegag and her oh-so perfect breasts are bared. Liv continues her sensuous undulations and moaning, though the game seems to have taken a more serious turn. Has this barefoot beauty finally figured out the allure of bondage?

American Damsel's Nightmare - Deleted Scene - Brooke Beretta 1
American Damsel's Nightmare - Deleted Scene - Brooke Beretta 2

Because of running time considerations, this pulse-pounding sequence was edited from the "American Damsel" story. As the scene opens, gorgeous Brooke Beretta (in an adorable dirndl) is working undercover at a bar affiliated with the supervillain "Nightmare." She enters into her boss's office under the premise of bringing him a beverage, but once she's certain the office is empty she begins snooping around in search of evidence. However the busty babe is discovered, and tries nervously to talk her way out of this situation. When we next see Brooke she's bound hand and foot, and her captor informs her that he's aware she's a "Damsellete" - one of American Damsel's secret operatives. He tells the busty beauty she's going to be used as bait for the superlady, and Brooke is cleavegagged. She struggles in a vain effort to escape, but the knots all hold fast; and before long her voluminous breasts are bared. Then the captive agent is tied bent over a stool, her feet held apart with a spreader bar and her skirt is pulled up to expose her luscious fishnet-clad backside. But for some inexplicable reason, Brooke's boss isn't coming to her rescue!

Then our curvy damsel is stripped down to her bra, panties and high heels. She's tied up again and gagged with microfoam tape, and she's got a powerful vibrator secured between her thighs. The seemingly ordinary device has unusual properties -- the supervillain will utilize it to read her mind and discovery the location of American Damsel's secret headquarters! Brooke's bountiful breasts are revealed again and the vibrator is activated. She struggles and moans, desperately trying to resist the relentless influence of the magic wand. But despite her valiant efforts it's not long until she surrenders to a helpless orgasm. Is all truly lost for our damsel now?

American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Five - Savannah Six 1
American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Five - Savannah Six 2

In "Leopard Lady Defeated!" gorgeous Savannah Sixx portrays the titular super-villainess, and she's been caught by her nemesis Wow Woman in her own Leopard dungeon. The dark-haired beauty demands she be taken to the authorities, but the triumphant crimebuster has other plans for the vanquished vixen. The vengeful super-lady uses Leopard Lady's own restraints to put the busty bad-girl through her bondage paces. First she's locked up in leopard-print cuffs and ballgag in a classic position as the gorgeous captive protests and drools. Then Leopard Lady is hogtied and subjected to a larger ballgag by her taunting captor, and then the stunning villainess if tapegagged and bound hands up and kneeling. Savannah's spectacular breasts are bared by Wow Woman, who ultimately blindfolds her helpless prisoner. Will Leopard Lady be taken to prison, or will she remain the super-lady's bondage toy?

American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Four - Melody Marks 1
American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Four - Melody Marks 2

American Damsel (Melody Marks) has been taken captive by her arch-nemesis Nightmare and subjected to a device that has changed her on a moleculr level. Because of the diabolical device, American Damsel has been transformed into a mermaid! The defeated super-lady is scarfgagged, her hands are bound with rope and her tail is chained to the padded table on which she sits in desperate failure. Nightmare comes in to gloat over his ultimate victory, and he tells American Damsel that he plans to sell her to one of her enemies for unspeakable experiments. Even though all seems lost, she continues to struggle. As she awaits her horrible fate, her seashell bra is removed, and then her elbows are cruelly bound together. Will American Damsel ever be able to escape from this nightmare?

American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Three - Melody Marks 1
American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Three - Melody Marks 2

American Damsel (Melody Marks) has been taken captive by her arch-nemesis Nightmare, who's subjected her to a horrifying bad dream. American Damsel wakes up, but now her nightmare continues in real life. Her captor has dressed her up in her patriotic crimefighting costume of bikini, gloves and boots, and she's tapegagged and tied down to a table — with a powerful vibrator secured between her thighs. Nightmare enters and explains that it's a unique vibrator, and it will cause a dramatic and irreversible change to her DNA as soon as she orgasms. The heartless villain then switches on the evil device and the helpless super-lady tries her best to resist the seductive hum and free herself. But there's no escape for her, and before long she succumbs to an ineluctable, helpless orgasm.

American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Two - Melody Marks 1
American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Two - Melody Marks 2

Super-lady American Damsel (Melody Marks) has been taken captive by her arch-nemesis Nightmare. He's subjected the gorgeous crimebuster to the signature manifestation of his power: a terrifying nightmare. As her bad dream continues, the villain reenters and torments his gorgeous captive with an unusual choice of implement. He pulls up her fairy dress to exposure her most intimate area as she struggles to evade his depraved grasp. Left alone, American Damsel pulls herself up by her leather cuffs, wildly struggling and spinning to escape this terrible situation, but her efforts are all in vain. Then as her nightmare shifts, she's stark naked, and she's confronted by a sinister figure in a gorilla costume! The nude crimebuster faints at the sight of the ape-man, and when she opens her eyes again she's tapegagged and tied to a stool with her legs wide open. Poor American Damsel can't stop the damned dirty ape from pawing at her, fearful of what the furry primate has planned for her next. And as her horrible vision continues, she soon discovers that her fears were well-founded. The nude beauty is tied bent over a stool, a bright red bandana knotted over her tapegag. Soon the hairy villain returns to grope his tied-up prize, and he then takes lusty advantage of the distressed damsel.

American Damsel's Nightmare - Part One - Melody Marks 1
American Damsel's Nightmare - Part One - Melody Marks 2

Melody Marks stars as the super-lady "American Damsel" in this bondage-filled fantasy. As the story begins, she's rebuilding her recently-destroyed secret headquarters when she's confronted by her arch-nemesis, the supervillain known as "Nightmare." The dark fiend quickly paralyzes the star-spangled champion of justice, and she's powerless to stop him from unmasking her for the millions of viewers of his channel! The black-clad villain then uses his vile powers to inflict a terrifying nightmare on the blonde beauty. The nightmare preys on her subconscious fears, American Damsel envisions herself as a powerless pink fairy, bound up hands overhead with leather cuffs, red rope and she's ballgagged. In her terrible dream, Nightmare is transformed into a walrus-headed creature, and he takes advantage of her helpless state to expose her perfect, bouncing breasts. But American Damsel's ordeal is just getting started!

Liv: Dangerously! Deleted Scene - Adira Allure 0
Liv: Dangerously! Deleted Scene - Adira Allure 1
Liv: Dangerously! Deleted Scene - Adira Allure 2

In the unsold TV pilot "Liv: Dangerously!" Special Agent Adira Allure was taken captive while searching for Liv Wild. Adira was placed in dire peril but freed herself and escaped in the nick of time. As this deleted scene begins, we find that Agent Allure was nabbed by the bad guys again. The stunning blonde is cleavegagged and tied hand and foot, and her captors tell the luckless lady that she's about to start a new life in another part of the world. Left alone, the feisty damsel energetically struggles against the ropes. But her frantic efforts and moaning does not go unnoticed by the villains, and they frogtie their luscious hostage. They also take advantage of her helplessness and expose Adira's perfect, all natural breasts. But she's undaunted and continues her strenuous fight for freedom, causing the bad guys to strictly tie her elbows together in an attempt to put an end to her struggles. But Adira continues her futile bid for freedom even though it all seems hopeless. Only a miracle can save her now!

Brianna In Bondage - Brianna Rose

2019-09-27 Brianna Rose 13:57 minutes Barefoot, Bondage, Orgasms
Brianna In Bondage - Brianna Rose 0
Brianna In Bondage - Brianna Rose 1
Brianna In Bondage - Brianna Rose 2

Leggy beauty Brianna Rose has been taken captive by a rural crime boss. The barefoot babe is bound hand and foot, and she warns her captor that he won't get away with this, and that her heroic cousins will come to save her. But her bravery is countered with a bandana gag, and Briana struggles in vain to free herself. Her attempts to escape earns her a "Seated-T" tie on the bed. The long-haired damsel is silenced with a microfoam tapegag, and soon her voluptuous breasts are bared, and her lacy black panties are pulled down to expose all of Brianna's feminine charms. She continues to struggle against her restraints, yet her efforts are all for naught. But Brianna's ordeal isn't over yet...

When we next see the captive beauty, she's been dressed up in lacy bra and panties, ballgagged and bound to a chair with a powerful vibrator pressed up against her womanhood! Brianna begs to be let go, but her cruel captors pull down her bra and then turn on the Hitahi to watch their gorgeous hostage try to resist the ineluctable power of the device. She tries to fight it, but it's not long until Brianna surrenders to a helpless orgasm for their depraved amusement. Will her cousins ever come to the rescue?

Ashley's Game - Ashley Lane

2019-09-26 Ashley Lane 8:58 minutes Barefoot, Bondage, Hogtie
Ashley's Game - Ashley Lane 0
Ashley's Game - Ashley Lane 1
Ashley's Game - Ashley Lane 2

As this fantasy begins, babysitter Ashley Lane has apparently directed her charges to bind her hand and foot with neckties. As part of her sly game, she then instructs the fledgling superheroes to return in half an hour to rescue her. But the leggy blonde is suddenly distraught when she sees them approach her with tape, and they ignore her demand that they not use it. They also her ignore her final request before she's silenced with a wraparound microfoam tapegag. Left alone, the barefoot babe struggles against the cloth restraints, possibly enjoying her predicament, or enjoying her inner bondage fantasy. She tries to give her charges more instruction when they check on her, but they're not interested in what Ashley has to say and they hogtie their gorgeous sitter. Ashley continues her struggles, and before long her perfect, all natural breasts are exposed. And then for the finale Ashley's elbows are strictly bound together and another necktie is used to toe-tie the bondage-loving lady. Has this tie-up game really gone awry, or exactly as she hoped it would?