Bondage Blackmail - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Two - Madi Meadows  1
Bondage Blackmail - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Two - Madi Meadows  2

Encore! Savor this thrilling bondage fantasy from a new angle with the 2nd camera version! Student Madi Meadows is blackmailed into submission after her work in the adult industry is discovered. As her humiliating ordeal continues, Madi is allowed to wear only pink thong panties and she's cuffed wrist and ankle with pink handcuffs. The helpless student is gagged with microfoam tape tightly wrapped around her head under her hair. She struggles against the unrelenting restraints, but there's no relief for the blackmailed beauty. Then her gag is removed and Madi is kneeling for an unexpected oral exam. The handcuffed cutie is called on to display her skills with a mounted dildo, and she puts on quite a show!

The Trail Of Dr. Garth - The Complete Video 1
The Trail Of Dr. Garth - The Complete Video 2

Now you can enjoy this bondage fantasy at a great bargain price! Dr. Wayne Garth, the enigmatic inventor and founder of Cerberus Research Industries, has gone missing. One of those looking for him is the supervillain "The Black Hoodie." As the tale opens, one of Dr. Garth's androids (Indica James) is seeking the inventor when she encounters the dark villain. The masked criminal overpowers the plastic-clad beauty and she's paralyzed, unable to resist him as he ballgags her with a device that prevents her from sending out a distress signal. She remains motionless, unable to do anything but whimper in her frozen state as the shadowy intruder fetches super-strong restraints to keep the luscious robot captive. The AI minion is then secured to a chair with the black straps, cleavegagged and powerless to stop her captor as he attaches a sinister humming device between her thighs that will download all her data. The android struggles to free herself and stop the unauthorized intrusion, but she finds this new sensation unusually titillating and she succumbs to a helpless technical orgasm.

Buxom government agent Tilly McReese has found Dr. Garth's secret study, and she's looking for clues to his whereabouts when she discovers she's not alone: The Black Hoodie is there! The villain employs one of the doctor's own inventions, the DeMoore Frequency, and the stunning brunette immediately succumbs to the ineluctable tone and she's begging the intruder to tie her up. By the time the effects have subsided, Agent McReese is tied standing hands-over-head. The Black Hoodie cleavegags her, then exposes her considerable breasts. Tilly squirms and moans, but she knows she can't escape him.

Then "The Leztina Burglar" (Vanessa Veracruz) is dispatched to a house in the suburbs on a mysterious mission. She's sneaking around when her intended target, Sextavia (Loren Chance) creeps up behind her and overpowers the booted babe. The lady of the house hogties Vanessa (shown on-screen) and bandana gags the miniskirted intruder. She also opens up Vanessa's blouse and exposes her breasts as she looks for any telltale clues as to who may have sent Ms. Veracruz. The captive Latina works desperately to free herself as Loren tries to contact the authorities, and the busty burglar's escape artist skills don't fail her.

Vanessa gets the upper hand with the aqua-haired lady, and the barefoot captive is cleavegagged and fold-tied on the floor. The Leztina Burglar believes her assignment is back on track, but her victory is short-lived. The Black Hoodie appears and he grabs Vanessa hand-over-mouth, and then Vanessa is ballgagged and sitting bound next to Sextavia. The villain tells Ms. Veracruz the truth about her boss, Dr. Garth. And he informs Sextavia that he intends to use her as bait for the missing inventor. Vanessa is tapegagged and sent on her way with her hands tied behind her back. The Black Hoodie then finds a way to transform Sextavia into a mermaid, and she's left tied and tapegagged in an empty pool, desperately struggling to liberate herself before she's spirited away.

Office-Bound Ladies - The Complete Video 0
Office-Bound Ladies - The Complete Video 1
Office-Bound Ladies - The Complete Video 2

This bondage-filled fantasy is now bargain priced! As our story opens, gorgeous Britney Amber is applying for a secretarial position at a rather unusual office. Her new employer advises her that at times when clients come to the office, she'll have to be kept out of the way. Britney says she's fine with that, and she's hired on the spot. But no sooner is she left alone than the busty beauty begins thoroughly snooping through the office, and it's apparent there's more to her than meets the eye. Before long her boss returns and informs Ms. Amber that a client is on the way, and she'll have to be tied up during his meeting. She's taken aback, but has to play along with his unusual request, and the sexy secretary is promptly chair-tied, bandana-gagged and struggling to free herself.

We discover that Britney's boss has had a very special package delivered to his office. Inside the large box is brunette celebrity Arielle Lane, and she's been handcuffed and ballgagged. He opens the box, pulls her up and tells his comely captive that she's going to make a lot of money for him and the company.

Meanwhile in Britney's office, administrative assistant Jenna Sativa has arrived and doesn't seem at all surprised to find the bound-and-gagged secretary at her desk. Britney is outraged when Jenna finally removes her gag, but their conversation draws the boss to the scene, and Ms. Sativa is quickly chair-tied and cleavegagged along with Britney. Left alone, they have a gag-talk conversation until Ms. Amber manages to spit out the bandana. She tells Jenna that her boss is a crook, and she's working undercover to get evidence against the criminal organization. Jenna agrees to help Britney, and they both strive to liberate themselves from their bonds.

In the boss's office, Arielle is still ballgagged and she's been securely bound to a stool with a vibrator strapped strategically between her legs. Ms. Lane's captor lets her know she'll be performing a live show featuring a bondage orgasm for his high-paying audience, and he switches on the powerful device. The trussed-up damsel makes a vain attempt to resist the Hitachi, but escape is impossible and before long she submits to a helpless orgasm.

Jenna and Britney have freed themselves, and the petite beauty is helping her newfound friend retrieve the incriminating evidence Britney is seeking. But their boss catches them in the act, and he takes them to a back room where they're compelled to change clothes before being hogtied side-by-side. When he leaves, the captives worriedly discuss what might happen next, and the secretary asks the detective if she's ever had any experience getting loose when tied up. Unfortunately, it's not one of Britney's skills.

Arielle's ransom has been paid, and now the criminals are going to return their luscious hostage. The leggy babe is stripped naked (except for her high heels), bound hand and foot and tapegagged in the back of a car. She squirms against her bondage, and when the boss sees her he tells his lame-brained henchman that she was supposed to be put in the trunk, not that back seat, where she might be seen.

The boss checks on his other two captives, and he cleavegags the hogtied duo before making his escape. The stunning prisoners rub up against each other as they attempt to get free, and they both find the experience very exciting, and they indulge in some playful kissing as they wriggle against the ropes. Jenna gets loose first, and takes advantage of her busty friend's helplessness before untying her.

Arielle is still naked, bound and tapegagged, and she's been moved to the car trunk. She continues her feisty struggles, but for all her efforts she only manages to escape from one of her high heels. The boss returns and tells her that the driver never showed up, and he has to drop off the pretty package himself. He closes the roped up damsel in the trunk and drives away.

Bondage Blackmail - Part Six - Bella Rolland 0
Bondage Blackmail - Part Six - Bella Rolland 1
Bondage Blackmail - Part Six - Bella Rolland 2

Sexy administrative assistant Bella Rolland must submit to her office manager when he blackmails her. Bella is taken to the office manager's home where she's dressed up in lacy bra and panties, and she's roped down to the bed (including a toe-tie). He tells her he's found out that Bella is embezzling funds from the company. She offers him a cut if he'll let her go, but the manager doesn't want any part of her ill-gotten gains. He's happy just to keep her as his blackmailed slave! Then Bella's bra is opened to reveal her perfect breasts and she's silenced with sticky medical tape. He savors her predicament for a moment and then her captor turns on the subtle yet effective vibrator carefully positioned between her thighs. Poor Bella is now completely trapped, unable to free herself from the bondage or her terrible dilemma... and powerless to stop the seductive hum of the vibrator on her crotch. She squirms against the unforgiving restraints and tries to deny the manager the satisfaction of watching her submit to the influence of the vibrator, but it's a losing battle. Despite her efforts, Bella succumbs to a series of bondage orgasms. How much longer will the evil office manager keep her under his thumb?

Bondage Blackmail - Part Five - Bella Rolland 0
Bondage Blackmail - Part Five - Bella Rolland 1
Bondage Blackmail - Part Five - Bella Rolland 2

Sexy administrative assistant Bella Rolland must submit to her office manager when he blackmails her. The gorgeous brunette is stripped down to her lacy bra and panties on a mattress in a storage room of the office. Bella is ballgagged and restrained with nylon straps and leg-irons, and the blackmailing office manager has more bad news for her. He's discovered the naughty administrative assistant has been secretly working as an industrial spy for one of the competitors! Bella despairs when she's told he intends to look through her tablet to see what other information he can find, but she can only futilely struggle and drool down her chest. Later the manager pulls her bra down to reveal her luscious breasts, and he uses another set of leg-irons to hogtie her. Bella continues her struggles, but she can't get away. Then when things can't seem to get any worse, her blackmailer returns with more incriminating evidence and she falls deeper into the trap.

Bondage Blackmail - Part Four - Bella Rolland 0
Bondage Blackmail - Part Four - Bella Rolland 1
Bondage Blackmail - Part Four - Bella Rolland 2

As "Blackmail at the B & G Company" opens, sexy administrative assistant Bella Rolland is working at the office alone on a Saturday when her manager unexpectedly comes in. He tells her that after other employees complained about their lunches being stolen from the break room, he installed a spy camera that revealed Bella was the thief. She reluctantly admits it's true, then he goes on to say that the camera also showed that Bella is having an illicit affair with the boss's husband. Realizing that could end her career, Bella submits to her perverted manager's demands. When we next see the buxom brunette, she's securely tied to her chair and trying to negotiate with her blackmailer. But the perverted office manager isn't having any of it, and Bella is cleavegagged — and helpless to stop him from prying into her laptop! Ms. Rolland moans and struggles to free herself, but she's in no position to fight him, nor can she stop him from opening up her blouse to expose her breasts, hiking up her short, tight skirt or removing her heels. Ultimately she sees her phone on the desk and tries to call for help... but Bella stops when she considers she wouldn't want to be found in this state of undress, nor would she want her indiscretions brought to light. And then poor Bella is informed the office manager has found more dirt on her!

Bondage Blackmail - Part Three - Madi Meadows 0
Bondage Blackmail - Part Three - Madi Meadows 1
Bondage Blackmail - Part Three - Madi Meadows 2

Student Madi Meadows is blackmailed into submission after her work in the adult industry is discovered. In the final scene of the story, Madi is dressed up in festive red lingerie, socks, gloves and Santa hat, and she's securely tied down to the bed. There's also a powerful vibrator tied between her thighs and snugged up against her nether region. She indignantly asks her blackmailer what's happening, and the department head explains that for the department Christmas party Madi is going to be the entertainment. Then the stunning student is ballgagged, and she strains and pulls against the ropes, trying in vain to extricate herself from this horrible predicament. It's not long until the Hitachi is switched on and Madi renews her efforts to escape from this embarrassing scene. But her struggles do no good, and she quickly learns she can't hold out against the incessant drone of the vibrator. It soon becomes apparent to Madi that she has no choice but to give in to a helpless bondage orgasm.

Bondage Blackmail - Part Two - Madi Meadows  0
Bondage Blackmail - Part Two - Madi Meadows  1
Bondage Blackmail - Part Two - Madi Meadows  2

Student Madi Meadows is blackmailed into submission after her work in the adult industry is discovered. As her humiliating ordeal continues, Madi is allowed to wear only pink thong panties and she's cuffed wrist and ankle with pink handcuffs. The helpless student is gagged with microfoam tape tightly wrapped around her head under her hair. She struggles against the unrelenting restraints, but there's no relief for the blackmailed beauty. Then her gag is removed and Madi is kneeling for an unexpected oral exam. The handcuffed cutie is called on to display her skills with a mounted dildo, and she puts on quite a show!

The Lois Legacy - The Complete Video 0
The Lois Legacy - The Complete Video 1
The Lois Legacy - The Complete Video 2

This outstanding bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! This story begins with a brief introduction from the stars, Arielle Lane and Ashley Lane. Our plucky damsels explain that they're cousins and share a few genetic traits from their famous great-grandmother. For one thing they're both reporters, Arielle for "The Los Angeles Tribune" and Ashley for "The National Rumor." They both love snooping around, and they have a special affinity for getting into trouble. It almost goes without saying that the danger-prone journalists give this explanation while bound hand and foot.

Next Arielle Lane has gone undercover dressed as a French maid, investigating the story of a missing mermaid. The gorgeous brunette is caught snooping and consequently tied up. She's questioned by her captors, and while she's honest about her motives, she tries to minimize the ridiculous story. But the villains know how serious this is, and they ballgag poor Arielle. She struggles in vain against the snug ropes, helplessly drooling past her gag. They expose her pert, all natural breasts and Arielle wonders how she'll escape from this dilemma. It could only be more humiliating if her cousin Ashley was the one who came in to rescue her.
Then Ashley and Arielle (in dresses, stockings with garters and heels) have both been nabbed while investigating a story of international intrigue. The roped-up reporters are hogtied and cleavegagged on a bare mattress, and the villain explains that they're going to leave the stunning duo there to flounder while they make their escape. He also points out that whichever lady gets loose first will be able to file the story with her publisher before her rival. Arielle and Ashley moan and squirm as they fight against the ropes, each one desperately trying to be the one to scoop her cousin. But can either of them escape at all?

But it seems our damsels' captors weren't done toying with their luscious hostages just yet. Both damsels are stripped down to panties, stockings and garters and frogtied on the mattress. Ashley is bandana-gagged and Arielle has duct tape pressed on her lips, and both reporters have powerful vibrators roped to their thighs! The devices are turned on, and soon Arielle and Ashley are fighting against their restraints and trying hard to resist the relentless hum of the Hitachi. But the all natural beauties can't liberate themselves, nor can they escape the ineluctable one-note siren song of the vibrator and they succumb to shuddering bondage orgasms.

As "Women In Black - The Half-Bondarian" begins, Princess Septavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) has been recruited by the organization to investigate an interplanetary smuggling operation being run out of an innocent-looking thrift store. The store owner immediately ascertains why she's there and reveals himself to be a reptilian extraterrestrial! He quickly paralyzes the aqua-haired lovely and discovers her true identity. Septavia (in minidress, black tights and high heels) is then cleavegagged and hogtied, and she moans and squirms against her restraints. The reptilian villain then enters to inform his royal captive of his dire plans for the tied-up princess.

Meanwhile, the Women In Black's newest agent, Lola Pearl (in de rigueur pantyhose, white shirt, black tie, skirt, jacket and heels) is sent to get help from the mysterious Dr. Wolf. The unsuspecting agent is quite surprised to discover that the doctor is a werewolf, and he doesn't like visitors! The furry villain uses a paralyzing spray to subdue the statuesque beauty, and she's soon bound to a post. Dr. Wolf scans her DNA, and they're both shocked to learn that Lola is half-human and half-Bondarian -- the first one ever known! He ballgags the leggy brunette, exposes her perfect breasts and hikes up her skirt and then plans to sell her and make a tidy profit from his unexpected discovery. Poor Lola desperately tries to free herself from this perilous situation. Will she be able to access her Bondarian side in time to save her own life?

Princess Septavia is still being held captive by two reptilian aliens. The royal damsel has been stripped naked, silenced with a wraparound microfoam tape gag and securely bound to a chair. They've also strapped a vibrator in place between her thighs. The monstrous aliens have told the all-natural beauty that they intend to have her for dinner, and that by compelling her to orgasm, she'll taste better to them. They switch on the device, and before long Septavia begins loudly moaning through her gag and spasming in helpless orgasms as the creatures grope and paw at her helpless, bound form. Will the princess be saved, or will she be the main course?

Stop Alexis Taylor! - The Complete Video 0
Stop Alexis Taylor! - The Complete Video 1
Stop Alexis Taylor! - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! In another American Damsels Network production, we get highlights from an exciting adventure series starring bondage superstar Alexis Taylor. As the tale opens, our busty reporter is taken captive after hours in her office at The Los Angeles Tribune. The danger-prone journalist is chair-tied and ballgagged in her skirt-suit and heels. Then she loses her jacket and top and she's bound sitting on the floor mostly naked as the intruders continue ransacking her office.

Days later, Alexis receives a disturbing video. Her twin, Anita, has been nabbed by unknown captors. The bound babe begs her sister for help, but the video is short on clues to her whereabouts or who may have taken her. We then see the unknown villains have cleavegagged their luscious hostage (dressed in a snug-fitted pencil skirt, camisole top and high heels), and she struggles in vain against the cruel ropes binding her. Then Anita's considerable breasts are bared for her captor's depraved amusement. But never fear, Alexis now begins her worldwide search to rescue her missing sibling.

Meanwhile in the tiny country of Freedonia, movie star Mary Jane Green has been taken prisoner by the evil Colonel Jackman. The Hollywood hottie is clad in an iconic dress, stockings and heels, and she's post-tied with her feet held wide apart by a spreader-bar. The villain removes her cleavegag and briefly interrogates the adorable blonde (and reveals her to be the notorious international spy "Mara Jana"), but she refuses to cooperate and so the whimsical baddie recreates a classic scene from cinema with his helpless hostage. Still post-tied and cleavegagged, Mary Jane's breasts are exposed, her skirt is lifted and a fan blows her dress to expose her stocking-tops and garters.

Alexis receives an anonymous tip regarding her missing sister, and so she crashes a costume party to get more information. Dressed up in a boots and a star-spangled dirndl, she's snooping around when she encounters a partygoer dressed as a gorilla. She quickly ascertains that it's no costume, and she tries to escape from the clutches of the damned dirty ape. The gorilla then uses a fiendish spray to paralyze his busty prey. Poor Alexis calls out for help, but no one comes to her aid and she's powerless to resist when the sinister simian returns with an ample supply of rope! Alexis is ballgagged and bound seated to a table with her legs tied wide apart, helpless to stop the randy primate when he exposes (and briefly fondles) her considerable breasts. Our plucky damsel tries her best to struggle free of her restraints, but she can't get loose. What will happen to her next? The story is followed by a brief preview of scenes from the pulse-pounding continuation the tale.

The series highlights are followed by another thrilling episode of the American Damsels Network series "Damsel Of The Sea." In "We Know Your Secret," sexy mermaid Janira Wolfe has been grabbed and tied up by an evil organization that's been conducting illegal weapon tests in the oceans. The aquatic government agent assures the miscreants they won't succeed with their crimes, but the villains ballgag their defiant damsel and she wiggles and squirms against her bonds. But despite her efforts, Janira realizes that she's really caught now. The feature concludes with some amusing production outtakes from "Stop Alexis Taylor!"