Bondage: Code Red 2 - The Complete Video 0
Bondage: Code Red 2 - The Complete Video 1
Bondage: Code Red 2 - The Complete Video 2

In "Bondage: Code Red," superlady The Purple Nemesis was taken captive by arch-supervillain The Reaper. The feisty champion of justice proclaimed she could defeat the dark criminal in any reality, and he gives her the chance to prove it! The red-haired beauty is thrown into an interdimensional portal device and transported to alternate universes. The Purple Nemesis is always changed as she enters each new reality, and the only constant is she's invariably pitted against The Reaper! As the story continues, The Purple Nemesis (Penny Pax) finds herself in a castle, she's tied to a bed, she has no voice, and she's been transformed into a mermaid! She struggles to free herself, but the ropes all hold tight. Then a lizard creature enters with a mysterious box. He opens it and she learns it contains her voice, which is returned to her. She asks her captor who he is and why she's there, but he pulls off his mask to reveal his true identity as The Reaper. Penny claims the prince will come to her rescue, but the villain counters that he won't if he can't hear her, and he cleavegags the beautiful mermaid. The skull-faced villain gloats that the sea witch will be coming soon to claim the helpless damsel as her prize and he exits. She desperately squirms against her bonds, but it's all to no avail. Then a magic spell removes her top, and Penny's considerable, all natural breasts are exposed. The bound mermaid frantically hopes to free herself in time, but then the sea witch makes her sinister entrance!

The Purple Nemesis is then whisked away to an unusual reality from days gone by. Dressed in 1950s-style dress, stockings and heels, the redheaded superlady finds herself in the sitcom "I Pinched Penny." As the scene opens, she's on the phone with her best friend, dreading the arrival of her husband. But when her hubby gets home, she quickly discovers he's not a band-leader but the supervillain The Reaper! The stunning housewife is next seen bandana-gagged and bound hand and foot in a classic position. She indignantly struggles to escape, but it does her no good. Then The Reaper adds to her humiliation by adding a snug crotchrope and revealing her luscious breasts. The frustrated damsel moans and helplessly wriggles in her bondage - The Reaper has won again!

And then The Purple Nemesis finds herself in a different, bizarre reality. The gorgeous redhead is now a shipwrecked movie star, taken captive by the mad scientist Dr. Balinkov! Dressed in an iconic white dress and heels, she's hogtied on a bed in his lair. She calls out for her shipmates but gets no reply. Then the evil doctor's pet gorilla enters to check on the roped up thespian. When she demands to be let go, the gorilla removes his mask to reveal himself as The Reaper! He taunts the helpless damsel, and then gags her with duct tape. Penny struggles in the snug hogtie, but there's no escape for her. Before long her white dress disappears and the stunning captive is stripped down to panties, stockings, garters and heels. She energetically rolls around in the tight hogtie, but it's apparent she's not going to escape anytime soon! Will the Purple Nemesis ever be able to defeat The Reaper and escape from this neverending bondage Hell?

The story is followed by "The Knotty Stepdaughter." Trophy wife Xandra Sixx is home alone in her mansion when her stepdaughter Loren Chance pays a visit. The bored blonde informs Loren that her father is out of town, and the dark-haired babe replies that it's Xandra she came to see — and she has the goods on her gold-digging stepmom. Ms. Sixx scoffs at the idea until Loren shows her the proof, and then it's a different story. Xandra realizes she must completely submit to her blackmailing stepdaughter, or else! Loren has an axe to grind, and she's going to take full advantage of the situation to humiliate her father's trophy wife. She begins by removing her panties and making Xandra stuff them in her mouth. The Loren keeps them in place with a duct tape gag. She thoroughly hogties Xandra (all tying is shown on-screen) to exert her dominance, and Xandra has no choice but to meekly submit to the cruel treatment. But as the first round ends and Loren is beginning to continue her stepmother's torment, an unexpected visitor drops in!

A surprised burglar is confused by the strange scene he's walked in on, but he's happy to take full advantage of it. When we next see the ladies, Xandra is stripped down to her red panties and Loren is dressed only in tights, gloves and a corset. The burglar never bothers to change Xandra's panty-gag, and he silences Loren with a ballgag she'd brought along for her stepmother. The luscious captives are frogtied kneeling together on the bed, and each lady has a powerful vibrator roped in place on her thigh. The burglar informs them his cohorts will be coming with a truck soon to empty the mansion, and he activates the vibrators to keep them entertained while he completes his crime. The sexy enemies struggle and moan, but they can't resist the relentless hum of the Hitachis and before long they each submit to a helpless orgasm. But how much longer will they be bound together?

The Boss's Game - The Complete Video 0
The Boss's Game - The Complete Video 1
The Boss's Game - The Complete Video 2

After hours at the B & G Company, the boss calls employees Chrissy Marie and Harmony Wonder into his office. He informs the stunning duo that a recent audit has shown they've been embezzling funds from the company. They beg him not to go to the authorities, and he reveals a more bizarre plan. The boss explains that he doesn't want to lose both of them, and he only needs to turn one of them in for their crimes. So he's planned a little competition for his sexy underlings. The game begins as Chrissy and Harmony must be gagged, however each one must select the gag for her thieving confederate. Harmony chooses a thick cleavegag for her partner, and knots it between her teeth. Chrissy picks a bit gag for the petite brunette, much to Ms. Wonder's dismay, and buckles it on her. Their perverted employer then reveals the nature of his game: whichever one of the embezzling beauties can follow directions the best will win, and the loser goes to jail. The ladies are then humiliated when he demands that they "show off the goods." First they must unbutton their blouses and display their bras and jiggle their boobs for him, and the boss remarks that Chrissy's breasts are much more impressive than he imagined. Then the gagged duo must turn around, hike up their skirts, bend over to exhibit their full-backed panties and wiggle their butts. And Harmony's booty really entices their boss, which leads to the next part of the game.

Harmony is relieved of her blouse, but still wearing her skirt, bra, stockings, garters and heels. She's still bit-gagged, and she's tied bent over a table with her legs bound apart. The boss demands that Chrissy dominate the slender beauty, paying special attention to her adorable backside. Chrissy gets into it right away, slowly hiking Harmony's skirt up and lovingly fondling her cohort's butt and thighs, telling her that she always planned for Harmony to take the fall for the two of them, and that this is an added bonus. For good measure, she even lightly spanks Harmony and makes her squeal. After that, she kisses and nibbles at Harmony's ass to make it better, and gropes it some more just for good measure. All the while, Harmony is struggling and moaning helplessly into her bit gag. The boss congratulates Chrissy on a job well done, and tells her she is a natural dominatrix. Chrissy smiles and asks if that means she wins the game. The boss replies that it was only the first round, and that Harmony still needs to take her turn for the sake of fairness. A look of dismay appears on Chrissy's face as she realizes what's coming next.

When we next see Chrissy, she's bound seated on a table with her legs spread and tied wide apart. Her skirt has been removed and she's in her panties, garter belt and stockings, but her blouse is still on, with her wrists and elbows bound behind her back. Harmony is stripped down to her bra, panties and garter belt, and she approaches her bound confederate. Chrissy pleads with Harmony, claiming that everything she did earlier was only a joke. Harmony pretends to agree with her and promises to go soft, but shoves the ball gag in her mouth and buckles it on tightly. On orders from their boss, Harmony unbuttons Chrissy's blouse and gropes her breasts with vigor. She even pinches Chrissy's nipples and makes her squeal. Harmony tells her that since Chrissy was willing to sell her out, she's now willing to do the same. She pulls Chrissy's hair back and plants kisses on her neck and ball-gagged lips while still groping her breasts. Finally, Harmony ends her kinky treatment by sucking on Chrissy's nipples. The boss ultimately tells the two contestants that their game has ended in a tie, and that they are both too good at dominating the other. He then says he has an idea of how to break the tie.

As the final round of the game commences, both Harmony and Chrissy are frogtied with their hands bound behind their heads in an "Opal tie." They are also both topless, dressed only in their panties, garter belts and stockings, with vibrators taped to their thighs. Both women are gagged with tight, thick, white cleavegags. As Chrissy and Harmony squirm, the boss tells them that the first one of them to orgasm will lose the game and be sent to prison. As a bonus, the winner will even get a promotion because he was so impressed by them in the earlier rounds. Harmony and Chrissy struggle and moan as they try their hardest to resist the buzzing Hitachis. Their perverted superior also takes advantage of their helplessness and fondles the captive contestants to urge them on. Eventually, the boss pushes the two women face to face (more like breast to breast) and gropes them both together. Before long, one of the tied-up contestants gives in to a powerful orgasm, and her rival follows suit soon after. But which lady has won this strange game?

In "The Perils of Snooping," ace investigator Jessica Rex has been assigned to track down the mysterious masked operative wreaking havoc in the intelligence circles lately. A tip leads her to a run-down apartment, but while she's looking for clues, the resident sneaks up on the gorgeous detective. Jessica is promptly overpowered, and the hooded villain checks his very relaxed visitor to make sure she's been completely subdued. When Jessica wakes up, she's been securely bound to a chair with her legs tied apart (allowing a tantalizing view of her most intimate area). She promptly recognizes her captor as "Paul," an inept third-rate agent. She derides the black-clad villain and demands he release her, but Paul grows weary of her insults and ballgags his beautiful prisoner. He then takes adavantage of Jessica's helplessness and unbuttons her blouse to expose her perfect breasts. He leaves her alone so he can search her car and phone, and the trussed-up detective tries her best to free herself. But she's frustrated when she can't budge the knots, and she's helpless to stop the drool dripping down her chin.

Realizing they're closing in on him, the villain plans to make his escape. But he's not going to let the snoopy detective who found him get off scot-free. Jessica is stripped down to her blouse, stockings and heels, and she's wrap-gagged and tied standing hands-over-head. The masked baddie taunts the stunning brunette with the horrible possibilities of her fate. Is she in dire peril, or will he just leave Jessica to suffer the humiliation of being discovered in this embarrassing state?

The Detective's Casefiles - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Melody Marks 0
The Detective's Casefiles - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Melody Marks 1
The Detective's Casefiles - Alternate Camera Edits - Part One - Melody Marks 2

Encore! Now you can thrill to this bondage fantasy from a different perspective with the 2nd camera version! The bondage-packed adventures of amateur sleuth Melody Marks continue with two more of her thrilling cases. In the first one, Melody is nabbed to be used as bait for the hero. She's dressed up in a shiny blouse, a short, very tight denim skirt and heels when she's grabbed and handgagged by a ski-masked man. She's dragged kicking over to a van and tapegagged by a second henchman, then she's pulled into the back of the van. When we next see our sweet damsel she's still tapegagged and now tied hand and foot. She struggles against the ropes and moans through her gag, trying to get someone to respond to her plight, but there's no relief for the gorgeous blonde. Before long the depraved villains decide to spice up her predicament, and they unbutton her silky blouse to expose her perfect breasts, and they hike up her skirt to reveal all of her feminine charms. They also lock a chain onto her wrist restraints to limits Melody's mobility even more. She continues her futile attempts at escape, but there's no squirming out of this tight situation!

Freedom Woman Captured! - The Complete Video 0
Freedom Woman Captured! - The Complete Video 1
Freedom Woman Captured! - The Complete Video 2

As the story opens, a desperate plea for help from a bound damsel (Agatha Delicious) is sent by way of a video message to the costumed crimebuster Freedom Woman (Riley Reyes). The champion of justice suits up in her pantyhose, leotard, boots, gloves, cape and mask, and then she tracks down the source of the video to a grungy hideout. She finds the gorgeous blonde (in short skirt, blouse, pantyhose and high heels) cleavegagged and chair-tied and she promptly frees her. But it's all a trap, and the masked adventuress is attacked by two thugs. Freedom Woman easily wins the brief battle, but then the unsuspecting crimebuster is overpowered by the treacherous damsel she just rescued! The statuesque vixen instructs her black-clad henchmen to bind and detective-gag the reeling and powerless Freedom Woman (shown on-screen). Once the malevolent underlings have her helplessly trussed up, the subdued demigoddess is loaded into a car trunk for transport to a sinister undisclosed location.

Now in their clutches, Freedom Woman is tied standing, still recovering from her stunning defeat. Agatha Delicious (in black lingerie and thigh-high boots) enters to taunt her spandex-clad prisoner. The incredulous crimebuster can't believe the evil woman would betray her in such a manner, but the booted babe assures her prisoner that it was all purely business. Agatha then gags poor Freedom Woman with silver duct tape and leaves her alone to struggle. The masked adventuress wriggles and writhes against her restraints, but all her efforts are useless against the tight ropes.

We next see Freedom Woman kneeling, securely bound and ballgagged. The defeated damsel drools helplessly down her chest, nervously waiting for the mysterious man who arranged for her to be taken. Soon the boss arrives, an influential criminal mastermind known only as "The Coach." He removes our sexy protagonist's belt, and then takes great pleasure as he relieves her of her mask -- and her secret identity! The Coach removes his lovely damsel's gag, and compels her to wrap her lips around a mounted dildo. The villain informs Freedom Woman that it's no ordinary phallic device in her mouth, and it will transform her into a submissive bondage slave. Influenced by the diabolical toy, she can't stop herself from sucking the dildo until the Coach ends the session. Will Freedom Woman ever be able to escape this dire fate? The story will be concluded soon!

As a bonus, damsel Agatha Delicious' scene is shown in it's entirety. The leggy beauty is chair-tied and she begs for our titular protagonist to save her, adding a sly warning that she suspects it may be a trap. Then the luscious bait is cleavegagged and struggling in anticipation of the aforementioned trap closing on the unwary Freedom Woman. Before long Agatha's blouse is opened up and her ample breasts are exposed, and we get some tantalizing views of her pantyhose when her short skirt rides up during her efforts. The feature is followed by a brief glimpse of scenes from the next chapter of the Freedom Woman story.

The Damsel Mission - Complete 0
The Damsel Mission - Complete 1
The Damsel Mission - Complete 2

As this thrilling tale of bondage and intrigue begins, Agent D (Darla Crane, in miniskirt, black pantyhose, boots and a shiny blouse) has been taken captive. The classic beauty awakens to find herself bound hand and foot, helpless at the hands of a masked villain she apparently knows... but is not impressed by. Her captor demands she surrender covert information she possesses, but the feisty secret agent refuses to cooperate and derides him. The dark baddie then silences his busty captive with a microfoam tapegag (shown on-screen) and tells her he'll retrieve the coveted information by hacking into her phone. Left alone, the stunning redhead struggles energetically, but escape seems impossible. When the villain returns, he gloats that he's got what he needs from her, and he bares her immense breasts before making his getaway. Agent D knows she'll be found soon, but she dreads the humiliation of being bested by a third-rate operative and so she fights a losing battle to liberate herself.

The information the villain misappropriated leads him to a hotel drop-off with Agent K (Krissy Lynn). No sooner does the unsuspecting spy enter the room when the masked villain pounces on her. The gorgeous operative (dressed in a blazer, blouse, miniskirt, stockings, garters and heels) is quickly bound, but once she realizes who her captor is she has nothing but disdain for him. When she refuses to cooperate with him, the bad guy ballgags Agent K and tightly hogties her on the bed (all tying and gagging is show on-screen). The busty beauty is relieved of her heels, but all that's the relief she gets. She frantically struggles and squirms against her bonds, but she's powerless to stop the masked intruder from grabbing her top secret information. The evil agent exposes the helpless spy's impressive breasts before continuing with his mysterious task. Agent K continues to fight the ropes, but she realizes she'll remain a helpless captive until she's found by someone.

The trail leads the masked villain to a mansion by the sea, and a search for Ashly Anderson. Once he gains access, he encounters Ashly's personal assistant, Alana Cruise (dressed in a miniskirt, pantyhose, heels and a white blouse). The sexy secretary is terrified by the masked intruder. She raises her hands and offers no resistance, and she's next seen thoroughly bound to her office chair. Alana tells him her boss is away but he doesn't believe her, so her captor ballgags the brunette beauty and begins his search. Left alone, Ms. Cruise furtively tries to liberate herself, but the knots all hold tight. Before long her captor returns to check on her, and the wicked villain takes advantage of Alana's helplessness and unbuttons her blouse to reveal her perfect breasts, then he hikes up her short skirt for a better look at her pantyhose. Confident she won't get free, the bad guy leaves her to struggle while he continues his arcane mission.

As the intruder makes his way through the mansion he encounters adorable maid Harmony Wonder. The petite beauty is bound hand and foot, and she begs the villain to let her go. But instead the depraved miscreant decides to have some fun with the captive domestic. Maid Harmony is tapegagged and roped into a frogtie on a bare mattress. Her pert breasts are exposed, and a powerful vibrator has been roped to her thigh, with the head pressed up against her most intimate area. The device is switched on, and it's not long until the sexy brunette surrenders to a shuddering orgasm.Later the villain returns and binds the flexible maid's elbows together, ensuring that she remains captive despite her futile struggles.

Then the dastardly fiend finally locates Ashly Anderson and confronts her. The gorgeous brunette immediately realizes she's in serious trouble and quietly submits to the dark intruder. When we next see Ms. Anderson, she's been stripped naked, tapegagged and buckled into a leather straitjacket that leaves her considerable breasts exposed. Leather straps attach her to the headboard of the bed and secure her legs into a crossed-ankle position, with another strap holding a vibrator where it'll do the most good. The villain sends an extortion video message to Ashly's father, and then he activates the device. Ms. Anderson tries to resist the relentless hum of the Hitachi, but it's too much for her and she succumbs to an irresistible orgasm. But what does Ashly's captor have in store for her next?

The Detective's Casefiles - Part One - Melody Marks 0
The Detective's Casefiles - Part One - Melody Marks 1
The Detective's Casefiles - Part One - Melody Marks 2

The bondage-packed adventures of amateur sleuth Melody Marks continue with two more of her thrilling cases. In the first one, Melody is nabbed to be used as bait for the hero. She's dressed up in a shiny blouse, a short, very tight denim skirt and heels when she's grabbed and handgagged by a ski-masked man. She's dragged kicking over to a van and tapegagged by a second henchman, then she's pulled into the back of the van. When we next see our sweet damsel she's still tapegagged and now tied hand and foot. She struggles against the ropes and moans through her gag, trying to get someone to respond to her plight, but there's no relief for the gorgeous blonde. Before long the depraved villains decide to spice up her predicament, and they unbutton her silky blouse to expose her perfect breasts, and they hike up her skirt to reveal all of her feminine charms. They also lock a chain onto her wrist restraints to limits Melody's mobility even more. She continues her futile attempts at escape, but there's no squirming out of this tight situation!

Bikini Bondage Party! - The Complete Video 0
Bikini Bondage Party! - The Complete Video 1
Bikini Bondage Party! - The Complete Video 2

Now you can enjoy this bondage fantasy at a bargain price! Blonde beauties Ashley Lane and Gia Love are hopefuls in a beauty contest, but the bikini-clad babes suspect something's wrong when they notice their dressing room is far away from everything, including any other contestants. Just as they realize this, they're confronted by a masked intruder. He compels the stunning ladies to cleavegag and handcuff themselves (shown on-screen), and he leads them both away. When we next see the scantily-clad duo they're still cuffed and gagged in the back of an SUV, nervously wondering what will happen to them next. The villain then connects his leggy, high-heeled captives together with collars and leashes, and he takes them for a walk down the drive toward a decidedly uncertain fate.

The long-legged beauty contestants are next seen seated back-to-back, bound and ballgagged. Their ominous host informs Ashley and Gia that they're going to be auctioned to the highest online bidder, and that this is the swimsuit part of their show. Before long, the villain notes that the potential buyers would like to see a bit more of the bikini'd babes, and he pulls aside their swimsuit tops to expose their luscious breasts. The helpless beauties moan and squirm, but they can't escape!
For the talent portion of the show, both Ashley and Gia have been divested of their bikini tops, and they're buckled into leather single-sleeves, barefoot, kneeling and instructed to display their oral skills with dildo sucking. Realizing they have no choice and their future depends on their performance, the bound blondes both do their best to show off their prowess. Ashley performs with a more submissive acquiesence to her plight, while Gia displays more copious saliva and a tendency to gag on the phallus. When the competition concludes, their black-clad host returns to divulge the fate of the captive contestants. What's next for Gia and Ashley?

The story is followed with "Office Hostages." In this continuation of the "Escape Class" tale, the lovely employees of Sly Private Investigations have been systematically overpowered by a masked burglar in search of some mysterious information. As the scene opens, sexy secretary Lauren Phillips has been taken captive by the dark intruder. The busty redhead is cleavegagged and chair-tied at her desk. She struggles against her bonds, but all her escape efforts are in vain. Before long, the villain returns and exposes Lauren's considerable breasts and layers a detective gag over her bandana gag. Ms. Phillips tries her best to escape this knotty situation, but the auburn-haired beauty only manages to knock her chair over, making for a more embarrassing dilemma (including a panty-peek) when she's discovered later.

Meanwhile in the office waiting room, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is anticipating a meeting with one of the investigators. When she's confronted by the masked miscreant, she recognizes him and tells him he's way out of his depth with this caper. The villain scoffs at her assessment, and promptly binds and ballgags the busty champion of justice (all shown on-screen). He takes advantage of Action Lady's defenseless position and unbuttons her blouse to bare her huge breasts. The burglar then leaves the gorgeous blonde alone to struggle, but all her efforts to free herself are in vain!

The burglar then returns to his professional rival, Skylar Snow, whom he'd left tied and tapegagged back in the storage room. He informs the buxom agent that he'd found his mysterious objective, and he has time for a little gratuitous pay-back for the helpless mole. When we next see Skylar she's thoroughly tied down to a bare mattress, silenced with a microfoam tapegag and her skirt and panties have been removed and are placed nearby. Not only that, there's a powerful vibrator snugged up against her most private area. The villain tells Ms. Snow she should be discovered before too long, and he'll leave it to her to explain why she received special treatment. He then activates the vibrator and makes his escape. Skylar tries her best to resist the one-note siren song of the device, but she soon surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

Burglar's Betrayal - The Complete Video 0
Burglar's Betrayal - The Complete Video 1
Burglar's Betrayal - The Complete Video 2

Treacherous beauty Alexis Taylor has a devious plan to rob a mansion, but her scheme doesn't quite go as expected. The busty babe is dressed only in a skimpy bikini when she gains illegal access to the house, and she lets her ski-masked confederate in to crack open the safe. Once the black-clad crook sees how much money is in there, his greed compels him to immediately dissolve their partnership. He grabs Alexis hand-over-mouth and proceeds to bind her in a classic tie (all tying is shown on-screen). The villain silences his former co-conspirator with a detective gag (also shown on-screen), and he takes advantage of her helplessness to indulge in some fondling of her enormous breasts and luscious backside, much to his buxom captive's indignation. The double-crossing crook then goes to collect more loot, and Alexis struggles in vain to extricate herself from this mortifying fiasco.

Before long the masked burglar returns to check on the hoodwinked hottie, and he removes her bikini top. He ties a secure crotch-rope on Alexis, then uses some string for a humiliating toe-tie on the vanquished villainess. The randy rogue can't resist indulging in some more fondling before leaving her to helplessly struggle while he continues to ransack the estate.

When the villain returns a final time to check on Alexis, he bends her over the sofa to engage in some playful if humbling spanking on the trussed up vixen, much to her chagrin! The creep then takes a bandana and ties a "bandit gag" over Alexis' detective gag, and he leaves her to be found by the owner of the mansion while he makes a clean getaway. The luckless lady fights against her restraints but it's obvious she can't get away.

Later Alexis is, indeed, discovered when the burglar's victim returns home. He allows her to get dressed (in a minidress and high heels), but instead of turning the wayward wench over to the authorities he ties Alexis up again on a stool in a cleaned-out room. She spins an unconvincing tale about how she's really the victim, and her new captor ends her lame excuses with a microfoam tape gag. Alexis struggles and moans, and tries to use her feminine wiles to make him reconsider his actions. But instead of letting her loose, the wronged homeowner exposes her luscious breasts. Poor Alexis is finding out the hard way that there's no honor among thieves and for her, crime really doesn't pay!

The story is followed by the steampunk-inspired scene, "Detective Cinn's Dilemma." Victorian-era Private Investigator Christiana Cinn is following a lead that takes her to the secret hideout of the notorious thug known only as "Bike." The gorgeous gumshoe thinks he's away so she's taken completely by surprise when the ruffian suddenly grabs her hand-over-mouth. The villain wrestles her down and demands to know why she's trespassing on his property. Bike immediately recognizes the detective and decides to take her captive. Christiana (in corset, skirt, tights and ankle-boots) is tied down to the bed and her perfect breasts are bared. Detective Cinn is muffled with a stuffed cleavegag and Bike has secured a powerful vibrator between her thighs. He activates the device and leaves the beautiful sleuth with a stern warning before fleeing. Christiana tries her best to resist the ineluctable siren-song of the vibrator, but escape is impossible and soon she succumbs to back-arching, eye-rolling orgasms.

Double Agent Blues - The Complete Video 0
Double Agent Blues - The Complete Video 1
Double Agent Blues - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! The problem with being a double agent is you have twice as many enemies, as spy-babe Blair Williams finds out the hard way. The luscious blonde is working undercover as a secretary when her cover is blown and she's taken captive. Blair is dressed up in secretarial skirt, blouse, jacket and strappy heels and she's bandana-gagged and tied to her office chair. Left alone, she makes a valiant effort to extricate herself before she finds out what the baddies have planned for her, and she scoots all over, looking for something that will aid in her effort to escape her restraints. But she can't get away, and the villains expose her ample breasts as they prepare for the next part of their plan. Our feisty damsel continues to struggle against the ropes, but she remains their helpless prisoner.

Next Blair is dressed up a very revealing, fetishy leather outfit, ballgagged and restrained with cuffs and leg-irons. The evil men inform Ms. Williams they intend to sell her off as a bondage slave on an internet auction, and they demand they she give the potential buyers a good show. She poses and struts in her bondage, afraid of the consequences if she resists them. After her performance, she sits handcuffed and frightened when she gets the word that she's been sold and her buyer will be coming to claim her merchandise any minute.

Blair is taken away to a remote cabin in the woods where she's dressed only in a corset, strappy heels and long black gloves. She's tied down spreadeagle on the bed, and she tries to negotiate for release with her new owner. But the buyer isn't interested in what the captured double agent has to offer, and she's cleavegagged. Before long, the powerful vibrator secured between her legs is activated, and though she tries her best to resist the relentless buzz of the devce, Blair ultimately succumbs to a shuddering orgasm. But Ms. Williams is still in for a shock when she learns the real story behind the plot!

Next we have highlights from another episode of "Damsel Of The Sea." Stunning brunette Chanel Preston is apprehended by enemy agents who suspect that she (like the original damsel of the sea Shavelle Love) is actually a mermaid. Chanel is dressed up in a blouse, short skirt, high heels and thigh-high stockings and tied down spreadeagle to the bed as she tries to convince the dangerous men that they're mistaken. But they're skeptical, and cleavegag their gorgeous hostage, sit her up and tie her to the headboard while they try to discover the secret of her transformation. They unbutton her blouse and expose her considerable breasts as Chanel's captivity continues. Ultimately the villains do discover the way to effect her metamorphosis, and the beautiful mermaid suddenly finds herself cleavegagged, bound on a bare mattress with her tail elevated in a "mermaid tie."

The feature concludes with the tale of actress Kiki D'Aire. She tells us how she came out to Hollywood to be a serious actress, but soon discovered that the roles she mostly frequently lands is that of the guest-starring eye candy for TV shows and movies who usually gets into trouble and needs to be rescued by the hero, or what she calls "The Damsel Of The Week." She presents one such example as she guest stars in an episode of "Yank Johnson, All American." As an imperiled heiress, Kiki (in pantyhose, heels and a pink skirt suit) is nabbed by her uncle when she discovers his evil intentions for the family fortune. As he binds the buxom beauty to a chair, she asks how he could do this to her, and the villain reveals he's not really her uncle. He scarf-gags Kiki and exposes her enormous breasts and leaves her in a dire situation. Will Yank Johnson be able to rescue her in time? Can you doubt it?

The Baron's Revenge! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Chrissy Marie 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Chrissy Marie 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Chrissy Marie 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy this thrilling bondage fantasy from a new angle with the 2nd camera versions! The story continues back at the abandoned porn studio, where Chrissy Marie is dressed up in black bra and panties, garterbelt, fishnet stockings and thigh-high boots... and there's a vibrator tied snugly against her crotch! She's bound hand and foot and she begs for the henchman to let her go. But his response to her entreaties is to stuff a large handkerchief into her mouth and cleavegag the hapless heiress. He binds her wrists to her crotchrope and then hogties his stunning captive. The evil henchman informs Chrissy that he's set up a dire peril for her, one that will allow him time to escape and establish an alibi. A timer is set for the vibrator, but Chrissy's unknowing streaming audience has no idea this is intended to be her absolute final scene. The henchman leaves, and it's not long until the device springs to life. The helpless damsel struggles on the mattress, desperately trying to liberate herself and defy the influence of the vibrator. But Chrissy is powerless to do either, and despite her best efforts she ultimately succumbs to an ineluctable orgasm. But how will she escape from the henchman's hidden danger?