Bride-Napped! - Part One - Katie Monroe 1
Bride-Napped! - Part One - Katie Monroe 2

This bondage-filled fantasy begins at an event hall. A wedding rehearsal has finished, and the only people remaining inside are the bride, her maid of honor and the manager of the hall. Katie Monroe, the manager, is surprised when a ski-masked man enters and grabs her, hand over mouth. He asks if the bride, Savannah Sixx, is still there and the terrified woman confirms that she is. When we next see the busty blonde, she's cleavegagged, handcuffed, ankle-cuffed and securely bound to her chair with rope. The black-clad villain warns her not to try anything and assures her that he'll be back to check on her later. While he goes to complete his mission, the stunning captive tentatively tests her bonds, But she soon realizes that escape is impossible for her. She looks around, hoping someone will come to her rescue. But the only one who comes to see about her is the intruder, who takes advantage of Katie's helplessness to expose her voluptuous breasts. The evil man then leaves Ms. Monroe all alone again, and she futilely fights against her restraints, desperately trying not to be discovered in this humiliating position.

Mr. Bike's Damsels - The Complete Story 1
Mr. Bike's Damsels - The Complete Story 2

As this steampunk-inspired adventure begins, the beautiful spy Mata Hana (Hannah Perez) is taken captive by the villainous Mr. Bike. She's ballgagged and bound hand and foot in her costume (all shown on-screen). Left alone, the gorgeous damsel hops around on stage, and she breaks a glass to try to cut herself loose. But she's caught as she makes her failed escape attempt. What will the scoundrel do to her next?

Then Mata Hana" is hogtied, cleavegagged and her breasts are exposed by the scoundrel Mr. Bike. She struggles to get loose and manages to free her hands, but she's caught, her wrists are re-tied and her elbows are bound together. The villain also adds a toe-tie to her hogtie. Then the helpless spy is placed into a trunk to be spirited away to Mr. Bike's secret lair.

The adventure continues with gorgeous spy "Mata Hana" as the roped-up captive of the villain Mr. Bike. She reluctantly surrenders her secrets to avoid his fiendish vibrator torment, but he cruelly tapegags the dark-haired beauty and turns on the diabolical device anyway.

In the next part of this tale, the adventuress Lady Aidra Fox is taken captive by the evil Mr. Bike. The feisty damsel refuses to surrender her secrets, so the villain cleavegags the brunette beauty and subjects her to his insidious vibrator. She soon succumbs to a helpless orgasm and tells him what he wants to know... but will he free her?

The story is followed with a sneak preview from the new season of the American Damsels Network series "Go Hostagettes!" Sexy college cheerleaders Alexandra Belle and Daniela Lubov are the helpless captives of a mysterious villain. The fair-haired damsels are barefoot, bandana cleavegaged, chairtied and struggling. Soon their shapely legs are tied open to allow a panty-peek and their perky all-natural breasts are bared. Then when Daniela is tries a bit too hard to get free, we find her chair has tipped over.

Then leggy beauty Vivie Delmonico is ballgagged and tied down to the sofa in a position that shows off her incredibly long legs. Soon the high-heeled babe's luscious breasts are bared, and more rope is added to secure her in a fold-tie position.

In the final scene of the video, Vivie Delmonico is barefoot and dressed up in lacy lingerie for a progressive tie. She begins bound hand and foot in a classic position and she begs to be let go. But she's cleavegagged, and the statuesque beauty hops around when the villain leaves her alone. But she's caught and frogtied on a chair and continues to struggle in vain against the ropes. Then Vivie's panties are removed, her ample breasts are exposed and she's lotus-tied to the chair.

Bedroom Damsels - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Melody Marks  1
Bedroom Damsels - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Melody Marks  2

Encore! Now you can savor this sexy story from a new perspective with the 2nd camera version! "Bondage Love Angel" Melody Marks has been assigned to grant you three fantasies. For the second one your Love Angel is given a request for an adventure. Happy to fulfill the wish, she becomes a forest adventuress from the days of yore. The scene opens with the blonde beauty preparing to rob from the wealthy to give to those less fortunate. However it's all a trap, and her band of merry women have all been captured! Melody has no choice but to surrender, and the booted babe is staked out spread-eagle on the ground, tightly tied with leather thongs. Our defiant damsel tells her captor she doesn't believe in magic, nor does she believe any magic wand can harm her. But the magic wand that's staked between her thighs is very special, and once it's activated Melody twists against her bonds, trying her best to escape the insidious influence of the infernal device. Yet the heroic sweetheart can only hold out so long until she has no choice but to succumb to a powerful, eye-rolling orgasm!

Bedroom Damsels - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Melody Marks 1
Bedroom Damsels - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Melody Marks 2

Encore! Now you can savor this sexy story from a new perspective with the 2nd camera version! In "The Bondage Love Angel." Sweet Melody Marks introduces herself as the titular character, and she tells you she's here to grant you three fantasies. The first fantasy she grants is one of erotic tension and suspense. As it begins, cheerleader Melody enters her apartment after practice and is at first perplexed and then creeped out when she finds someone has left a doll on her bed. Specifically it's a cheerleader doll that bears some resemblance to her, and it's bound and gagged! She then turns and sees her POV stalker. Melody demands to know the meaning of all this, and she quickly finds out! The sexy cheerleader is next seen ballgagged and suspended from the ceiling! Melody energetically struggles and squirms in mid-air like a helpless, drooling marionette. As she fights against her bondage, her short skirt offers no privacy at all, and her most intimate area is easily visible to her depraved captor. Then Melody's top is pulled up, exposing her perfect, perky breasts.

Ask Joy - The Complete Story 1
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 2
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 3
Ask Joy - The Complete Story 4

Now this pulse-pounding feature is bargain priced! Alexis Taylor portrays the kinky titular advice columnist is this adaptation of the Bondagebabylon feature. "Joy" answers letters from an all-star cast, giving sage advice for their "knotty" problems. The bound and gagged beauties featured in this 13 minute show are (in alphabetical order) Claire Adams, Goldie Blair, Christina Carter, Melissa Jacobs, Jennifer Lee, Karina Santos, Angie Savage and Celeste Star.

The "Ask Joy" feature is followed by the complete scenes of the damsels in the show. We begin with Melissa Jacobs. The gorgeous blonde unknowingly opens her door for a home invasion robber. She's roped into a hogtie and silenced with a stuffed bandana gag. Her luscious breasts are bared and the villain leaves his beautiful captive alone to struggle.

In the next expanded scene, bikini babe Angie Savage walks in on a burglary and is grabbed (hand over mouth) by bad guy Devon Savage. She's cleavegagged with a necktie (shown onscreen) and roped into a fold-tie. The blonde cutie squirms to the floor and manages to escape from her shoes but not the ropes. She falls over onto her side but remains helpless to free herself. All she can do is wait for the humiliation of being found in her vulnerable position!

Thrift store owner Claire Adams and her employee Celeste Star are confronted by a robber at the store. The villain compels Claire to hogtie Celeste, and then he hogties the lady-boss (all tying is shown on-screen). Then the robber tapegags his pretty victims, and exposes their all-natural breasts before absconding with the cash and leaving the lovely ladies to helplessly struggle and squirm.

In the following segment, jogger Karina Santos is nabbed after her morning run. The slender beauty is bandana-gagged and tied up in the closet. Then sultry Asian babe Jennifer Lee is frogtied and scarf-gagged on the bed in a consensual scene.

In the next two-part segment, Joy herself (Alexis Taylor) is bandana-gagged and tied up at her desk in a classic position. Of course her huge breasts are bared. Then Joy's busty secretary Christina Carter is suspended and while doing her work. Despite her bondage, Christina manages to utilize her stockinged feet to use her laptop. (Christina's enormous breasts are exposed as well.)

In the final segment of "Ask Joy," we learn a little about where those letters to the kinky advice columnist come from. Also, Goldie Blair is frogtied on the floor in her bra, panties and high heels. The busty beauty is cleavegagged, and she struggles helplessly against the ropes. Soon her enormous breasts are bared.


Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato!

15.03.2020Melody Marks7:30 MinutenBondage, Costume, Orgasms
Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato! 0
Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato! 1
Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato! 2

As our scene opens, Sailor Melody (Melody Marks) has been take captive by her nemesis, Vibrato! The adorable blonde is bound hand and foot and she admits she's been defeated, then she asks what the vile criminal is going to do to her. She soon finds out, and the booted babe is ballgagged and writhing helplessly on the bed. Sailor Melody struggles and moans, but her efforts to escape are all in vain! When we next see the stunning sailor scout, her boots have been removed. The gorgeous crimebuster is restrained with handcuffs and leg-irons, she's cleavegagged and Vibrato has secured a powerful device between her pantyhose-clad thighs. Sailor Melody's luscious breasts are exposed, and the depraved villain takes a moment to savor his sweet captive's predicament. Then the vibrator is brought to life, and the bound and gagged damsel tries her best to avoid the relentless hum of the device. But Sailor Melody can't escape, nor can she stop the feelings elicited by the fiendish instrument. She tries her best to squirm away from it, and she holds out as long as she can. But ultimately she has no choice to surrender to a powerful, eye-rolling orgasm. What evil plan does Vibrato have in store for her next?

Sweet Nell's Perils! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Terra Mizu 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Terra Mizu 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Five - Terra Mizu 2

Encore! This thrilling fantasy can now be enjoyed from a new perspective with the 2nd camera edits! When evil Princess Terra Mizu finally returns to her castle, she's stunned to discover that Princess Savannah Sixx has unexpectedly escaped from her clutches! Then she's surprised to see her gorilla closing in on her in a menacing manner. The villainess tries to wrest control of the situation from the turncoat ape, but he backs her into a corner and the wicked princess faints! When Princess Terra opens her eyes again, she's being thoroughly tied to a chair by her simian underling. Her angry demands to be set free are answered with a tightly strapped ballgag, and she continues to gag-talk in an attempt to get the ape back in her control. But he only leaves her to helplessly struggle and drool. Later the renegade gorilla does return to check on his former lady-boss. First the damn dirty ape pulls down her gown to expose Princess Terra's ample bosom, then later he brings more rope to tightly bind her elbows together! The defeated villainess knows she'll never be able to free herself now, but the ape has more in store for his busty captive.

Sweet Nell's Perils! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Savannah Sixx 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Savannah Sixx 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Four - Savannah Sixx 2

Encore! Thrill to this story from a new perspective with the 2nd camera version! Princess Savannah Sixx has been lured to a remote castle where she's been taken captive by strange creatures. The dark-haired beauty is re-dressed in her silky gown, gloves, heels and tiara, and she's cleavegagged and tied to a chair. The gorilla tells his royal prisoner that this is more acceptable, and he leaves the bound and gagged babe alone to squirm against her unrelenting restraints. As she struggles, the straps of her shiny gown fall down, revealing her luscious breasts. Before long the talking ape returns and informs his delectable captive that he's received a message to make Princess Savannah more uncomfortable, and he cruelly binds her elbows together. The furry villain is savoring her distress when Princess Savannah manages to work her cleavegag off and she calls him over to whisper in his ear. Whatever she tells him must be quite persuasive, because the perverted primate then begins to immediately start untying his beautiful prisoner.

Sweet Nell's Perils! -  Alternate Camera Edits - Part Three - Savannah Sixx 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! -  Alternate Camera Edits - Part Three - Savannah Sixx 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! -  Alternate Camera Edits - Part Three - Savannah Sixx 2

Encore! Now you can thrill to this exciting tale from a different perspective with the 2nd camera version! As "The Princess Trap" begins, gorgeous Princess Savannah Sixx has been lured to a remote castle. The stunning brunette is trying to figure out who's behind the mysterious note that summoned her there when she's confronted by a hideous creature. The terrified princess screams, but as the strange being draws closer and closer to her, she ultimately faints. Princess Savannah is next seen stripped down to her white panties, tapegagged and frogtied on a mattress. The busty royalty helplessly struggles against the ropes, but the knots all hold tight! She wonders who's behind this strange plot, but she's even more perplexed when a talking gorilla enters and tells her his mistress would not approve of this and he begins to untie her. But Princess Savannah's ordeal isn't over yet!

Sweet Nell's Perils! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy this pulse-pounding tale from a new perspective with the 2nd camera version! In this homage to the melodramatic chapter serials of long ago, Carissa Montgomery portrays the titular protagonist, Sweet Nell. As the story continues, she's been nabbed again and taken back down to the abandoned mine by the dastardly villain, Salty Sam. Nell is stripped down to her white panties, waist-cincher, stockings and boots, and our busty damsel is tied up and kneeling before a device she's never seen before. The villain explains that it's a dildo, and she's going to be tested on her oral skills. Salty Sam tells her that he plans to offer her to some disreputable foreigners if she does well. Even though Nell has no experience, she realizes she must cooperate with the vile evildoer, and she does her best to service the dildo. In fact, her performance is so good that the depraved villain decides to keep her for himself! Sweet Nell is hogtied and cleavegagged, but she still rejects her despicable captor. Salty Sam tells the beautiful damsel he intends to keep her a prisoner until she falls in love with him. Sweet Nell squirms and moans in despair. Will the hero be able to find and save her yet again?