The Capture of Mata Luna - Carol Luna

03.02.2017Carol Luna6:04 MinutenBondage
The Capture of Mata Luna - Carol Luna 0
The Capture of Mata Luna - Carol Luna 1
The Capture of Mata Luna - Carol Luna 2

The gorgeous dancer and suspected spy Mata Luna (alias Carol Luna) has been captured by sinister agents. Our damsel claims to be innocent, but the villains don't believe her. The luscious brunette is bound with leather cuffs and locks in a standing, hands over head position and silenced with a stuffed cleavegag. Before long the bad guys move their sweet captive to a seated position so they can leer at her shapely legs and stocking tops. The cleavegagged beauty struggles in vain -- How will she ever be able to escape this terrible predicament?

Dominated Domestic - Part Two - Carol Luna  0
Dominated Domestic - Part Two - Carol Luna  1
Dominated Domestic - Part Two - Carol Luna  2

Sexy maid Carol Luna continues to be the frightened captive of a ski-masked home invasion robber. As her ordeal continues, the leggy babe is still bandana-gagged and the villain compels her to remove her maid uniform, although he allows her to keep wearing her sheer thigh-high stockings. The burglar then ties the naked, all-natural beauty into a snug fold-tie on the floor (shown onscreen). He leaves her alone to struggle, and then returns when he discovers Carol's employer has a hidden, kinky side. The maid's tormentor finally removes our damsel's cleavegag and the soggy panties he stuffed into her mouth. The gorgeous brunette begs to be let go, but he quickly ballgags her, and leaves her to helplessly struggle and whimper while he prepares for more depraved fun.

Dominated Domestic - Part One - Carol Luna  0
Dominated Domestic - Part One - Carol Luna  1
Dominated Domestic - Part One - Carol Luna  2

Maid Carol Luna is all alone in the mansion when she's grabbed by a masked burglar. The villain handgags the gorgeous brunette, binds her hands, then he removes her panties and stuffs them in her mouth before cleavegagging her with a bandana. The ski-masked intruder then ropes his leggy captive into a classic position while he continues his robbery. Left alone, Carol struggles to free herself, but it's all to no avail. When she stands up and makes an attempt to hop away, she's caught and quickly bound into a tight hogtie. But our helpless maid's ordeal is just getting started! 

Office-Bound - Carol Luna

27.12.2016Carol Luna6:33 MinutenBondage
Office-Bound - Carol Luna 0
Office-Bound - Carol Luna 1
Office-Bound - Carol Luna 2

Sexy secretary Carol Luna is taken captive in a daring office robbery. The gorgeous brunette is cleavegagged and chair-tied back in the shipping department, and the villain warns her that he'll return to check on her. Before long he comes back to remove her eyeglasses. Left alone, our wide-eyed damsel sees a pair of scissors and desperately tries to reach them to free herself. But she's caught and the bad guy adds more rope, layers a "detective gag" over her cleavegag and opens her blouse to bare Carol's perfect, all natural breasts. Alone again, she helplessly struggles against the ropes. What will she do when she's finally discovered in this humiliating state? 

Captive Princess - Carol Luna

09.12.2016Carol Luna6:05 MinutenBondage
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Captive Princess - Carol Luna  2

Sexy Fairytale Princess Carol Luna is being held prisoner by a malevolent prince. Once he's revealed his true identity, the villain ballgags his gorgeous hostage. The leggy beauty strains against the ropes, unable to free herself from the spreadeagle tie. Then the evil captor hogties Princess Carol, enjoying her helpless struggles. He cruelly ties her elbows together, restricting her movement even more. Will the restrained royalty have a happy ending to her tale of woe?