The Plot Thickens - The Complete Video 1
The Plot Thickens - The Complete Video 2

Now this steampunk-themed bondage fantasy is bargain priced! As our tale opens, Airship Pirate Captain Charity O'Malley (Lauren Kiley in corset, frilly panties, lacy fingerless gloves, stockings, and boots) has been taken captive by the scoundrel Bike. She's suspended and cleavegagged with a powerful vibrator tightly strapped between her legs. Her dastardly captor knows he must break her will so she'll surrender a rare and valuable element to him. The curly-haired damsel twists and jerks against the ropes when the vibrator is activated, but ultimately surrenders to a helpless, flying orgasm. Will the villain succeed with his fiendish scheme?


At a seedy tavern, the villain Bike is approached by a gorgeous lady (Kalina Ryu) who claims to be Empress Octavia. The mysterious lady takes him back to the Empress' mansion, where she instructs the wary villain to bind and gag her. Once she's helpless, the lady (in a satiny outfit, boots, lacy blouse and gloves) begins an other-worldly meditation, but it's soon interrupted by Bike. He uses unusual methods to interrogate the trussed-up beauty, and she reveals she's actually an extraterrestrial! When his questioning is completed, the skeptical villain regags his stunning captive and leaves her alone to futilely strain against her bindings while he ransacks her alien belongings.

Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III is still holding temporal agent Rachel Adams captive at his mansion. Taken from her cell, the plucky damsel (dressed in a white blouse, a long skirt, corset, stockings and boots) is chairtied in his study. The criminal mastermind states his admiration for Agent Adams' fortitude after resisting his attempts to pry information from her for so long. But when Rachel again refuses to divulge her secrets, Professor Claw gags her and leaves. The luckless time-traveller struggles valiantly to free herself, but her efforts are all in vain. Then Bike appears, disguised as one of the Professor's monk servants. He stuffs the bound and gagged captive into a trunk and spirits her away.

Professor Claw mistakenly believes Agent Adams has freed herself and escaped, and decides he must hone his tying skills. He hires a woman of questionable virtue for practice; but "La Paloma" is waylaid by government operative Britney Amber, who takes her place for the job. Britney is taken aback when the Professor tells her he intends to bind and gag her, but she must play along. The busty beauty (stripped down to her corset, gloves, panties, stockings and boots) is cleavegagged and thoroughly bound (all shown completely on screen), but the sexy spy just can't wiggle out her bondage.

Agent Rachel Adams is spirited to one of Bike's secret hideaways, where our damsel is bound spreadeagle on the bed in a long corset with a skirt, stockings, boots and long gloves. Bike demands that the time-traveller tell him all she knows about extraterrestrials, but Rachel denies him any information. Bike gags Rachel and leaves her to struggle alone.

At Professor Claw's mansion, Britney is caught snooping around. She explains her actions as innocent curiosity, but as her host ties her up a second time, he questions whether or not Britney is actually "La Paloma." The Professor doesn't believe her explanation, and the busty spy (in a soft corset, panties gloves, stockings and boots) is securely hogtied and ballgagged (all shown completely on screen), desperately trying to escape her failed mission.

Rachel Adams remains Bike's captive. The temporal agent (still in a long corset with skirt, stockings and boots) is ballgagged and laced into a snug leather single-sleeve. Bike tells her he has other business to attend, and he leaves the helpless damsel alone. Rachel uses this opportunity and tries her best to free herself from the inescapable bondage, but it's clear she'll remain Bike's prisoner as long as her despicable host wants.

At Professor Claw's mansion, Britney Amber (in a soft corset, panties and frill-topped stockings) is interrogated by the dark master criminal. She tries to explain herself, but she's cleavegagged and the vibrator secured between her thighs is activated, compelling the secured spy to experience an inescapable orgasm.

Corporate Espionage - The Complete Video 1
Corporate Espionage - The Complete Video 2

Now you can savor this bondage-filled tale at a bargain price! As this story begins, corporate spy Mary Jane Green is caught breaking into a safe at the B& G Company by her professional rival, Vibert. The veteran criminal has the upper hand, and the leggy brunette is bound on top of a desk for an interrogation. Vibert asks for information on an incident a few nights earlier. He overpowered government agent Amber Michaels working late, investigating "The Upsilon Project." The villain ties up the busty blonde to get details from her, but learns she knew less about it than he did. Vibert then cleavegags Amber, bares her considerable breasts and leaves her to struggle while he makes his escape.

Mary Jane informs her captor that Amber went searching for a missing agent, and presumably tracked her to the lair of "The Gray Man." The dangerous enemy agent is lying in wait for Amber and takes her captive. She's tied down to a bed spreadeagle, ballgagged and compelled to orgasm for his depraved amusement. The gorgeous operative is then tapegagged, tied kneeling hands with her hands overhead and left in a dire situation. Will she be rescued in time?

Vibert then asks Mary Jane about an incident two nights before. He caught a female burglar trying to steal the prototype of the Upsilon radiation emitter. During the office invasion, the burglar's henchman grabs, hogties and gags secretary Cupcake SinClair to keep her out of the way. Meanwhile the cat-suited cutie has cracked the safe and obtained the top-secret protype. But Vibert binds her to the safe, ballgags her then removes her mask before relieving the burglar of her loot. Mary Jane tells Vibert that the burglar was Jacky Lynn-Wallace, better known as the superheroine "The Queen of Wands." Using her supernatural abilities, the slender crimebuster follows Amber's trail to the Gray Man. But the masked villain anticipated her arrival and The Queen of Wands falls into his trap. Using duct tape, the enemy agent binds his powerless prey, gags her and completes her defeat by cutting off her costume and unmasking her. Then stripped down to her panties, Jacky is silenced with a layered gag and bound to a chair with a powerful vibrator roped in place. The evil agent activates the device to further humiliate The Queen of Wands, and she surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

Mary Jane then expects Vibert to provide her with information on her assignment, but instead the corporate villain predictably double-crosses her. The stunning spy is cleavegagged, her luscious breasts are exposed and she's left to struggle while her nemesis escapes with the coveted information.

Empress Octavia's Misfortune - The Complete Video 1
Empress Octavia's Misfortune - The Complete Video 2

Now this bondage-filled fantasy is bargain priced! As this steampunk-inspired story begins, a mysterious woman (Rachel Adams) takes Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) captive, and she's paralyzed, completely unable to move. Octavia, in a long gown, gloves and tiara, is then cleavegagged and tied in a standing position with her arms extended horizontally and tied to a bar. Octavia's captor intends to pass a final sentence on the royal captive -- will she be saved in time?

Agent Rachel Adams has been taken captive by Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) and her henchman, Bike. Rachel is interrogated, and she's compelled to reveal that she's actually an operative sent from the future to prevent Octavia from taking over the world in 300 years. The booted brunette also tells them she intended to return to the future via a recently invented time machine. Octavia is thrilled by this news and decides she must have this device for herself. Rachel is then cleavegagged and later her breasts are exposed by the villainous Bike. What will become of her now?

Agent Rachel Adams is bound into a frogtie, her arms strictly tied into a hammerlock position. Bike tapegags her shortly before Empress Octavia (Loren Chance) enters to hear his report on their mission. Octavia taunts her captive, still angry at Agent Adams' attempt to end her empire. She then leaves Rachel alone to helplessly struggle in her inescapable restraint.

At Professor Lovebound's laboratory, Octavia and Bike lure Professor Whitney Morgan into their clutches so they can learn more about Lovebound's time machine. Bike is taken aback when Whitney asks him to tie her up, but after she's bound, Whitney realizes he's an impostor. Octavia enters and interrogates Whitney, and then the rope-friendly blonde is cleavegagged and left alone to struggle while her captors search the laboratory.

Professor Whitney Morgan is stripped down, chairtied and cleavegagged in the laboratory. Soon Bike betrays Empress Octavia (Loren Chance), and she too is cleavegagged and chairtied along with Whitney. The turncoat henchman then leaves the ladies to a dire fate. The damsels struggle furiously to free themselves, but will they be able to escape in time?

Empress Octavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) is taken captive by Professor Claw. Octavia is ballgagged and bound to a bed, with a powerful vibrator tied in place. Professor Claw tells her that he saved Agent Adams and convinced her to reveal Octavia's plans, and he warns her to stop. Octavia is then compelled to orgasm while Professor Claw hogties his willing partner, the ballgagged Professor Whitney Morgan.

Back at Lovebound's laboratory, Professor Claw has a roleplaying game with his lover, Professor Whitney Morgan. The sexy blonde is chairtied, and Claw uses microfoam tape to silence his willing partner. The dark criminal then turns on the powerful vibrator position between her legs, and he watches as the booted beauty enjoys a series of helpless orgasms.

Action Lady Captured! The Complete Video 1
Action Lady Captured! The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage fantasy is now bargain priced! As this exciting "Action Lady" adventure begins, our titular damsel (Carissa Montgomery) is working undercover as a flight attendant. While snooping around, she's trapped at Château d'Stresse by her nemesis, Mistress Van Pelt. The cruel villainess instructs her henchman to thoroughly bind the busty crimebuster. Action Lady is ballgagged and bound into a snug balltie (all shown completely onscreen) and the henchman pulls open her uniform to bare her considerable breasts. Then the Mistress makes her escape, leaving Action Lady alone to helplessly struggle in a dire situation.

As the story continues, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is rescued from her desperate dilemma by an old foe: the corporate spy "Vibert." The villain can hardly believe his luck: he's found his pretty prey tied, gagged and powerless to stop him, and moreover he has six days to find out the information he needs from his luscious captive. Our plucky damsel is defiant, but the master of corporate espionage is confident he can break Action Lady's will. The gorgeous champion of justice is stripped down to her lacy lingerie, silenced with a wrap gag and bound on display with her shapely legs wide apart, seated on a trunk (shown onscreen). Vibert exposes her enormous breasts and she squirms and moans in vain... but her ordeal is just beginning!

The days of bondage drag on for Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) at the hands of her depraved captor, the corporate spy, Vibert. Dressed only in her panties and a fluffy bathrobe, Action Lady is ballgagged and tightly hogtied with a powerful vibrator roped in place between her thighs. Our reluctant damsel can't resist the one-note siren song of the relentless device, and before long she surrenders to a helpless orgasm.

The corporate spy Vibert is still holding Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) captive. The busty damsel is dressed up as a sexy secretary in miniskirt, blouse, fishnets and high heels. Poor Action Lady is chairtied and cleavegagged by the villain. Soon her legs are tied open, her blouse is unbuttoned up to expose her huge breasts and a detective gag is layered over the stuffed cloth gag.

Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is still the helpless captive of the corporate spy Vibert. The curvaceous adventuress is stripped naked, scarf-gagged and secured to the bed with neckties, first face-down and then face-up with all her feminine charms boldly displayed.

On her sixth day of captivity at the hands of the corporate villain Vibert, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is cleavegagged and chairtied with a vibrator securely tied in place. The villain warns her that her time is up and it will be unpleasant if she doesn't cooperate with him, and he turns on the device. Action Lady tries to be strong, but before long the trussed-up damsel succumbs to a shuddering orgasm. But will she surrender her secrets to the evil Vibert?

The Rebel And The Spy - The Complete Video 0
The Rebel And The Spy - The Complete Video 1
The Rebel And The Spy - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage video is now bargain priced! In the tiny country of Las Rehenes, rebel leader "El Bobo" is enjoying a private moment with "La Paloma Sucia" (Nikki Knightly). At his request, his escort has dressed up in a fetishistic pony outfit, thigh high stockings, boots, gloves and leather mittens for some bondage fun. The slender beauty is tied down to the bed with a padded bit-gag strapped between her lips. But before they get too far with their game, they're interrupted by word that El Presidente's army is closing in on the rebel base. El Bobo has no choice but to flee, and he has no time to liberate his roped-up pony before making his retreat. Nikki squirms in vain as the sound of the approaching army draws nearer.

Two years after their first encounter, "El Bobo" has tracked La Paloma (Nikki Knightly) to her apartment in La Ciudad de Cazadores. He grabs her while she's napping (in bra and panties), and the one-eyed revolutionary cleavegags La Paloma and binds her into a fold-tie. He tells the femme fatale that he knows she's a spy, and it was she who betrayed the location of the rebel base to El Presidente. He then prepares to spirit the gorgeous spy to the new rebel headquarters.

"La Paloma" (Nikki Knightly) is taken to El Bobo's new rebel camp, where she's dressed up in lingerie, collar, corset, stockings and gloves and chairtied for her interrogation. El Bobo is convinced he can persuade his sexy captive to act as a double agent for the revolution. He ballgags the seductive spy and turns on the vibrator positioned between her legs. Soon La Paloma succumbs to a shuddering orgasm, but the cunning spy still has a surprise in store for her captor.

In "Blonde In A Haunted House," the titular busty damsel Mila Brite (dressed up in secretarial-style blouse, leather miniskirt, black pantyhose and high heels) goes to a spooky mansion in search of the pin-up and secretary from the previous haunted house stories. She's cornered and nabbed by a mysterious hooded figure, and our busty damsel is ballgagged and frog-tied (stocking-footed) in the study. She struggles and squirms against the ropes, but all her efforts are in vain!

"Blonde In A Haunted House" continues with damsel Mila Brite (dressed up in secretarial-style blouse, leather miniskirt, black pantyhose and high heels) chairtied in a hidden room, cleavegagged and her pendulous breasts are bared by her masked tormentor. What does this mysterious villain have planned for poor Mila?

As "Captive In The Suburbs" begins, sexy secretary Charlotte Cross (in blouse, miniskirt, stockings and high heels) is held hostage by desperate men. In a ransom video, the chair-tied brunette begs her boss to turn over the mysterious "Black Omega Project" so they'll set her free. The busty babe is then cleavegagged and struggling, and her considerable breasts are bared for their depraved amusement.

"Captive In The Suburbs" continues with poor Charlotte Cross dressed up in bra, panties and a collar, ballgagged and tied to the bed with a strategically-placed vibrator roped into place. Charlotte's captors activate the device, and before long our barefoot damsel surrenders to a series of helpless orgasms. But will they ever set Charlotte free?

The Upsilon Caper - The Complete Video 0
The Upsilon Caper - The Complete Video 1
The Upsilon Caper - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage-packed fantasy is now bargain priced! As "The Upsilon Caper" begins, sexy secretary Phoebe Queen is working late at the offices of the B & G Company when she's suddenly grabbed by the dangerous enemy agent known only as "The Gray Man." The petite beauty is shown bound and tapegagged completely on-screen by her silent captor. Phoebe is hogtied on top of her desk, and she struggles in vain to free herself. Before long, the masked villain returns to expose her considerable breasts, hike up her miniskirt and relieve Phoebe of her glasses. Left alone, she continues her helpless struggles, then the bad guy makes one more appearance before he makes his escape and he hops the still bound and gagged Phoebe out with him!

As "The Upsilon Caper" continues, government agent Ashley Lane is assigned to deliver the ransom for Phoebe Queen. She's standing next to a suspicious-looking van when the door suddenly slides open and she's handgagged by "The Gray Man," grabbed and pulled inside. The leggy blonde is bound hand hand foot while the Gray Man claims his prize: a mysterious thumb drive. Left alone, Ashley hops around the van, looking for something to free herself. She gets to the door just as her captor returns, and he hogties the luckless agent. Ashley helplessly struggles, but her ordeal is just beginning.

Government agent Ashley Lane is still held hostage by the mysterious "Gray Man." The silent villain has spirited the blonde beauty to a hideout for further interrogation. The long-legged babe is ballgagged and tied down to the bed with her arms apart and her ankles crossed and bound. Soon she's tied spreadeagle, her blouse is opened up, exposing her pert, all natural breasts. Her miniskirt is hiked up for an unobstructed view of her pantyhose, and she struggles in vain against the ropes.

Leggy blonde agent Ashley Lane is still being held captive by the mysterious "Gray Man." She's stripped down her blouse and pantyhose, and securely roped down to the bed in a hands-over-head frogtie position. She's gagged with microfoam tape and soon her silent tormentor activates the vibrator positioned between her thighs. Before long the gorgeous captive surrenders to several powerful orgasms.

To keep the Upsilon research safe, security specialist Britney Amber is enlisted by the B & G Company. The busty beauty is trying to glean information from Phoebe Queen's laptop when the janitor enters. Britney is shocked to learn he's actually the corporate spy Vibert! He quickly chair-ties and cleavegags his former confederate so he can search for the coveted research. Before long, Vibert returns to expose Ms. Amber's considerable breasts before he continues his search. She struggles for all she's worth, but poor Britney just can't get free.

Security specialist Britney Amber is still held captive in the B & G Company offices by her former co-conspirator, the corporate spy Vibert. He's ballgagged the sexy redhead and tied her on top of the desk with legs bound wide apart and a powerful Hitachi vibrator secured where it'll do the most good. Britney's huge breasts are bared, and her captor assures his luscious captive he'll be contacting her again. He activates the device and then makes his escape. Britney tries her best to resist the relentless hum of the vibrator, but she soon succumbs to a series of shuddering, helpless orgasms.

Damsel Stories - The Complete Video 0
Damsel Stories - The Complete Video 1
Damsel Stories - The Complete Video 2

This bondage-packed collection of damsel in distress tales is now bargain priced! In the first 1940s era movie serial inspired scene, snoopy reporter Aidra Fox has been taken captive by the master criminal The Reaper. Our intrepid damsel is suspended by the masked menace, then she's detective-gagged and left in dire straits. Will she be rescued in time?

As the story continues, Agent Carissa Montgomery has gone undercover as "Roxy," a glamorous singer in the Reaper's nightclub. The busty blonde is discovered stealing her boss's secret decoder, and she's bound, gagged, exposed and used as bait in a dangerous trap set for the hero. How can she escape this terrible predicament?

Then Agent Anna Nolan (AKA Anna Lee) is working undercover at the Reaper's nightclub as "Bunny." Our brave damsel is caught trying to retrieve the master villain's stolen secret decoder, so she's cleavegagged, securely bound and left to helplessly struggle in a precarious predicament.

In the next 1940s movie serial inspired scene, undercover Nurse Celeste Star sneaks into the Reaper's laboratory to find out what his secret project is. She faints when she meets Heinz, his genetically modified gorilla. Then our plucky damsel is bound and gagged as a guinea pig for one of the Reaper's depraved experiments involving a powerful vibrator -- and bondage orgasms!

As the steampunk-inspired tale "Agent Montgomery's Secret Chronicles" begins, Carissa Montgomery is sent to investigate strange events at the old Coutts Theatre. She meets the mysterious Professor Blackstone Emerson Claw III, who takes her captive as soon as she realizes who he is. The gorgeous blonde is cleavegagged and tied into a seated strappado while the villain ransacks her belongings in search of secret documents that will aid his nefarious mission. What will he do with her next?

The story continues with Agent Carissa Montgomery as the helpless captive of the evil Professor Claw. He compels the busty blonde to wear an iconic slave princess costume and leaves her tapegagged, hogtied, chained down and helpless, with only a powerful vibrator to keep her company. Before long, the buxom barefoot beauty succumbs to its irresistible hum... but how can she ever escape it?

As the Western-inspired tale "Blackjack Claw Ties Again!" begins, government operative Aidra Fox is posing as a lady of easy virtue to entrap the notorious outlaw Blackjack Claw. But the villain discovers her deception, and Aidra is bandana-gagged and tied kneeling, hands-over-head and placed in great distress by the desperate criminal.

The story concludes with leggy beauty Celeste Star as the celebrated tracker and bounty hunter "Morning Star." But the dark outlaw gets the drop on her, and soon barefoot babe is cleavegagged, hogtied (including a toe-tie) and struggling in vain against the ropes when Blackjack leaves his gorgeous adversary to an uncertain fate.


Action Lady's Adventures - The Complete Video 0
Action Lady's Adventures - The Complete Video 1
Action Lady's Adventures - The Complete Video 2

This sensational collection of Action Lady's premiere adventures is now bargain priced! As her adventures begin, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is captured when she goes undercover as a college student. The busty blonde is bound hand and foot and cleavegagged with a bandana. When she tries to hop away, she's caught, duct tape is pressed over her gag, her enormous breasts are exposed and she's hogtied on the sofa.

Then Action Lady is working undercover as a uniformed cop when she's caught and handcuffed to the bed by a corrupt co-worker. The gorgeous blonde is bandana-gagged, progressively exposed and then helplessly struggles and moans when she's locked into an inescapable handcuff hogtie.

Next Action Lady goes undercover to investigate the mysterious "Mr. Nimzo," she's dressed up only in pantyhose, high heels, gloves and a necklace -- and a crotchrope, with her hands and elbows tightly tied. The well-endowed blonde says the wrong word, her cover is blown, and she's bound and ballgagged. She seductively poses her legs in an attempt to win favor with her captor, but she's securely tied to a stool, and in dire need of rescue!

While snooping in an office, Action Lady is taken captive by a mysterious masked man. The sexy secretary is cleavegagged and tied (all shown on-screen) into a strict elbows-together, back-arching hogtie. The villain pulls her blouse and bra aside to expose her enormous breasts. The curvy blonde struggles for all she's worth, but can't escape -- and her ordeal isn't over yet!

Action Lady continues to be the captive of a masked villain. The stunning blonde is wearing bra, panties and heels on the bed, and she's compelled to gag herself by stuffing a cloth into her mouth a pressing duct tape on her lips. Our busty damsel is tied (all shown on-screen) into a strict kneeling position with a snug crotchrope and her luscious breasts are bared.

As Action Lady's captivity at the hands of the masked vilain continues, our lusciouis damsel is bound into a lotus position in a lacy teddy and high heels. The mysterious bad guy tapegags the gorgeous damsel (shown on-screen) and then he turns on a powerful vibrator, compelling the adventuress to have a helpless orgasm.

In her next adventure, Action Lady goes undercover in a hospital to track down a notorious doctor. But when her cover is blown, the hunter becomes the prey, and she's tightly strapped into a straitjacket, her legs bound with leather straps. The barefoot beauty is ballgagged, and she struggles in vain to free herself. What does the sinister doctor have planned for our damsel?

Action Lady remains the prisoner of the evil doctor. She's stripped naked and bound into a frogtie with cloth strips on a bed. Carissa is cleavegagged with a layer of duct tape added, and a powerful vibrator is secured to her thigh. Once the vibrator is turned on, poor Carissa can't help but surrender to the powerful buzz and she's helpless to stop herself from experiencing a shuddering orgasm.

Carissa The Spy - The Complete Video 0
Carissa The Spy - The Complete Video 1
Carissa The Spy - The Complete Video 2

In this sexy fantasy, Carissa Montgomery portrays an agent for the Bureau of National Defense and Governmental Espionage. In her first adventure, the busty blonde has been taken captive and stripped down to her bra and panties. She's cleavegagged and roped into a classic standing position (shown on-screen). Her elbows are roped together and her huge breasts are bared.

Then in a spa, secret agent Carissa is completely nude when she's attacked by an enemy agent who stuffs a cloth in her mouth. The gorgeous spy is secured with plastic wrap and roped down to the massage table. Her enormous breasts are exposed, and her captor humiliates her by compelling her to use a vibrator while he watches her (with a special cameo appearance by Leah J. as the overpowered masseuse).

That evening, Carissa is napping when she's attacked again. In a scene highlighted with on-screen trying and gagging, the sexy spy is napping in bed (wearing black lingerie) when she's pounced on by an enemy agent. The busty beauty is gagged with duct tape and bound into a classic position on the bed, with lots of rope on her bare legs. Her elbows are also snugly bound together and she struggles futilely against her bondage.

In another adventure, agent Carissa is taken captive once again. The busty spy is stripped naked, ballgagged and suspended in a hands-over-head position over a smoking vat of something horrible. The gorgeous blonde struggles and tries her best to escape, but she's really caught. Will our brave damsel surrender her secrets, or is she doomed?

The Carissa (in vinyl trenchcoat, turtleneck sweater, miniskirt and boots) is caught outside trying to infiltrate an enemy compound. The gorgeous blonde is strapped to post and silenced with a layered gag of cleavegag with tape (all shown on-screen). Soon her sweater is cut open to expose her huge breasts. Then our brave damsel is blindfolded and faces certain doom!

As the ending of the story is revealed, lingerie-clad beauty Carissa Montgomery is in bed, bandana gagged, handcuffed, and enjoying herself with a vibrator. No sooner is she finished when a masked man enters and consensually hogties her (shown on-screen). Then Carissa's enormous breasts are bared, she's blindfolded and happily squirms in her predicament.

Captivating Fantasies - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Two - Lily Glee 0
Captivating Fantasies - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Two - Lily Glee 1
Captivating Fantasies - Alternate Camera Edits - Part Two - Lily Glee 2

Encore! Now you can thrill to these Captivating Fantasies from a fresh perspective with the 2nd camera presentation! As this collection of bondage scenes continues, Lily Glee stars in a deleted scene from the recent feature "Bride-Napped!" In this fantasy sequence, the slender beauty has been dressed up in lacy lingerie, thigh-high stockings and high heels. She's bound into a seated frogtie with her hands up, and she's silenced with a pink duct tape gag that compliments her lingerie. The luckless maid of honor also has a vibrator roped between her thighs. The villain lets his sweet captive struggle a moment and ponder her predicament. Then Lily's perky breasts are exposed and the device is brought to life. The long-haired lovely tries her best to escape the ropes, escape her humiliating situation and escape the persistent drone of the vibrator. She struggles and moans, but Ms. Glee realizes her fight is hopeless and she has no choice but to ultimately surrender to the irresistable one-note song of the Hitachi and a helpless orgasm. And she realizes this is how she'll remain until she's rescued.